FAQs - using GBW Online

Why is there a new online GBW system? 

We've just launched a brand new data entry system. Many have asked for the ability to enter weekly records on tablets and phones and you'll be glad to know that the new system is designed to make entering your weekly records easier on these devices. In addition to this, we're now asking whether or not you'd record other wildlife. This is a small but important change. You can find out more about the importance of this in an article by Kate Risely. To make this easier you are able to set your preferences by clicking 'edit my details', which is just below your GBW number on the right-hand side of the screen. 

How often should I enter my counts?

We would like you to enter your counts regularly, ideally weekly. This allows us to incorporate your records into the analyses that happen each night, producing the latest figures in our results pages the next day.

How can I update my email address?

You can do this by clicking on the MY DETAILS button on your GBW Data Home Page. Simply add your new email address in the box provided and click on the button to make the change. If it does not look as if it has been updated, click on the page refresh button on your web browser.

Why do I sometimes get asked for my Username and Password and not at other times?

If, when you first logged in, you ticked the 'remember my login on this machine' box, you will have enabled a small bit of code (called a 'cookie') to hold your login details. Each time you access the system, it checks for this cookie and, if present, it will take you straight in. If you did not set up this option, or if you have cleared out your cookies, then you will be asked to login. The cookie only lasts for 12 months.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text that are stored on your computer that allow the BTO to recognise who you are. They are only used to store your BTO username and password. This facility, if enabled on your computer, makes it easier for you to access the surveys as they do not have to login while moving between different surveys, nor should you have to login again if returning to the site after some time.

Why do I need to register with BTO Surveys?

Anyone who wishes to take part in any of the BTO Online surveys must register for a specific Username and Password. The registration process is a one off (you should not have to repeat it!) and asks only a few details. You cannot access any of the surveys without registering. Having your own username and password gives you access to your own records.

Why do you want my e-mail address?

We email all our online recorders regularly with updates on our existing projects and news of new surveys The email address also allows us to correspond with you quickly and to help you with your problems.

Will all BTO surveys be run on the web in future?

No! Existing surveys will be run as at present, though where it is useful to do so we shall be adding facilities to allow people to submit data on the web. New surveys will only be web-based if it is appropriate. We do not intend to cut out the participation of people without computers.

Your site does not work well using some browsers

We have developed the website so it can be used by as many browsers as possible. We are aware that some older versions of some browsers may still have problems. We would appreciate if you do experience problems, that you could contact us (web.support [at] bto.org (subject: I%20am%20having%20a%20problem%20with%20GBW%20Online) ) with details of what exactly happens and we will do our best to help you.

I've forgotten my password and can't log on to Survey Home. What can I do?

Please use the Password Reminder Form. When you try to login you will see a question 'Forgotten your password?', click here and follow instructions.

I've made a mistake when entering my data online. How can I edit it?

GBW Online has a correction facility that allows you to correct mistakes on records entered within the last few weeks.  From the GBW Data Home Page, click on VIEW MY COUNTS in the OPTIONS box on the right of the page, to bring up the week that you wish to correct. You can select the week that you want from the calendar of ticks that comes up.  If it is recent enough, you will find that the correction links appear below the table of observations.  There is also an option that allows you to delete a whole week, so that you can start again if you wish.

What is Survey Home?

Survey Home is the central point where you can access all the BTO Online surveys that are open to you as a registered user. It allows you to move easily between your different surveys.