Our staff


Andy CLEMENTS - Director
James PEARCE-HIGGINS - Director, Science
Andrew SCOTT - Director of Services
Ieuan EVANS - Director of Engagement
Andy MUSGROVE - Associate Director, Information Systems
Rob ROBINSON - Associate Director, Research
Chris WERNHAM - Associate Director, Country Offices

Science: Directors & Senior Research Fellows

James PEARCE-HIGGINS - Director, Science
Rob ROBINSON - Associate Director - Research
Stephen BAILLIE - Senior Research Fellow
Rob FULLER - Honorary Research Fellow

Science:  Demography

Dave LEECH - Head of Ringing & Nest Recording Team
Jez BLACKBURN - Licensing and Sales Manager
Bridget GRIFFIN - Ringing Data Manager
Carl BARIMORE - Nest Records Organiser
Ruth WALKER - Ringing Surveys Organiser

Science:  International Research

Phil ATKINSON - Head of International Research & Principal Ecologist
Chris HEWSON - Senior Research Ecologist

Science:  Monitoring Research

David NOBLE - Principal Ecologist - Monitoring Research

Science:  Population Ecology & Modelling

Simon GILLINGS - Head of Population Ecology & Modelling & Principal Ecologist
Stuart NEWSON - Senior Research Ecologist
Philipp BOERSCH-SUPAN - Ecological Statistician

Dario MASSIMINO - Research Ecologist
Blaise MARTAY - Research Ecologist
Samantha FRANKS - Research Ecologist
Jennifer BORDER - Spatial Ecologist

Science:  Surveys

Dawn BALMER - Head of Surveys
Scott MAYSON - BirdTrack Organiser
Stephen MCAVOY - BirdTrack Support Officer
Sarah HARRIS - BBS National Organiser
Teresa FROST - WeBS National Organiser
Heidi MELLAN - WeBS Counter Network Organiser
Neil CALBRADE - WeBS Low Tide Count Organiser

Science:  Terrestrial Ecology

Gavin SIRIWARDENA - Head of Terrestrial Ecology and Principal Ecologist
Ian HENDERSON - Senior Research Ecologist
Greg CONWAY - Research Ecologist
Kate PLUMMER - Research Ecologist
Henrietta PRINGLE - Research Ecologist
Hugh HANMER - Research Ecologist
David NORFOLK - Research Officer

Science:  Wetland & Marine Research

Niall BURTON - Head of Wetland & Marine Research & Principal Ecologist
Graham AUSTIN - Senior Research Ecologist
Chris THAXTER - Senior Research Ecologist
Aonghais COOK - Senior Research Ecologist
Ros GREEN - Research Ecologist
Ian WOODWARD - Research Officer

Combined Ecology

Phil ATKINSON - Science Director


Ieuan EVANS - Director of Engagement

Supporter Services

Deb LEE - Head of Engagement
Kate RISELY - Garden BirdWatch Organiser
Claire BOOTHBY - Garden BirdWatch Development Officer


Nick MORAN - Training Manager


Mike TOMS - Head of Communications
Paul STANCLIFFE - Media Manager
Viola ROSS-SMITH - Science Communications Manager
Faye VOGELY - Social Media Manager

BTO Scotland

Chris WERNHAM - Associate Director, Country Offices
John CALLADINE - Senior Research Ecologist
Anne CARRINGTON-COTTON - Data and Administration Officer
Ben DARVILL - Development & Engagement Manager
Liz HUMPHREYS - Senior Research Ecologist
Mark WILSON - Research Ecologist
Amy CHALLIS - Scottish Raptor Monitoring Coordinator
David JARRETT - Fieldwork, Training and Engagement Officer

BTO Wales

Kelvin JONES - Development Co-ordinator
Rachel TAYLOR - Senior Ecologist
Katharine BOWGEN - Research Ecologist

BTO Northern Ireland

Shane WOLSEY - Northern Ireland Officer
Katherine BOOTH-JONES - Science Officer