Ieuan Evans

Director of Engagement

Ieuan works with a team of staff in BTO's Communications department and a large network of volunteer regional representatives to recruit and engage with members and volunteers across the UK.

Interests & Responsibilities

Members and volunteers contribute enormously to the work of BTO, and its ambition is to continue to provide as personal a service as possible to all of its supporters as it grows as an organisation. Ieuan's team deliver training courses, Members' magazines & newsletters, regional and national conferences, attend local and national events and contribute to the BTO e-newsletter and websites. Volunteer Regional representatives do many of the same things in addition to managing volunteers in their respective regions.

Ieuan is interested in people – how and why they join or engage as volunteers and how they progress during their engagement with BTO. A major part of this process is driven by data collection and analysis to help us better understand the motivations of our supporters. If you have any questions or comments about your experiences as a BTO member/volunteer Ieuan would be very pleased to hear from you.


BSc (Hons), PhD. Ieuan acquired most of the skills he uses in this role during a spell managing an Eco-tourism company in the Highlands of Scotland and delivering RSPB’s Corporate Induction programme at the Lodge in Sandy.

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