National offices

Scotland, Wales and Ireland support very significant components of the avifauna of the British Isles and the BTO has always worked to make sure its monitoring projects cover the whole area and offer maximum engagement and satisfaction to birdwatchers anywhere in our islands, however remote from Thetford.

Red Grouse - Sarah Kelman
Red Grouse. Sarah Kelman

Offices were opened for BTO Scotland in 2000 and there is now a staff of ten at our Stirling headquarters. In 2009, with support from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, we were able to appoint our first salaried Northern Ireland Officer and we now have a BTO Wales office in Bangor. Meanwhile, we are fortunate that John Lloyd continues to take the role of the Honorary Wales Officer.

Across the whole of the UK and within the Isle of Man and the Channel Isles, we have a Regional Network of volunteers who organise survey work at county and sub-county levels.

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