BTO science covers two important aspects: monitoring and research. Our integration of the two is a significant strength of the organisation. 

We combine the skills and passion of birdwatchers with innovative analyses and the latest data-gathering technology. We deliver science that is impartial, impactful and relevant, informing the management of the natural world.

Redshank. Edmund Fellowes

Collecting evidence

BTO coordinates over 60,000 dedicated volunteers to collect biological data to build robust, long-term datasets.

Innovative methods

BTO's staff of expert scientists are constantly developing better methods to capture and analyse high quality data.

Policy impacts

BTO informs sound conservation policy & practice via the production of high-impact impartial publications.

Meet our national teams

BTO has offices based in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, providing local habitat and species expertise for our scientific research, and closer support for volunteers across the UK.

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