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BTO Data Reports provide rigorous scientific information to inform fieldwork decisions and desk studies for Ecological Impact Assessment of potential development sites in the UK. Reports collate comprehensive and contemporary bird distribution and abundance data from BTO's high quality ornithological datasets to identify species associated with the site at different spatial scales, and to put these in wider contexts to identify key features. 

BTO Data Reports offer a step-change in the information for consultants, their clients and planners. Previously, consultants have had to filter through extracts of thousands of raw records with little supporting information and no wider context. Now, using a GIS file of your site, a BTO Data Report will list all bird species present at or near your site in the breeding season and in winter.

The report will highlight evidence for species of conservation importance (e.g. Birds of Conservation Concern Red List) and those of statutory importance in the relevant country (e.g. Schedule 1, Schedule 1A Scotland). To further help identify important features, reports highlight species for which the site and vicinity account for a high proportion of local, regional, national or UK geographical range and population size.

BTO Data Reports provide unique insights into the bird community present in the vicinity of potential development sites, helping to guide the need for detailed field surveys and highlighting potential priorities for delivering habitat mitigation, enhancement and biodiversity net gain.

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What you will get

You get a professional and confidential service that will deliver a BTO Data Report consisting of a detailed assessment of the site and vicinity in PDF form and an MS Excel file containing appendix tables of summarised data. Download a sample report for a

discrete site

discrete site (ZIP, 5.10 MB)
 or for a

linear site

linear site (ZIP, 5.12 MB)
. BTO Data Reports are priced according to the size of the site:
  • Small sites spanning up to four 10-km squares = £200 +VAT
  • Intermediate sites spanning five to ten 10-km squares = £400 +VAT
  • Large sites spanning ten to twenty 10-km squares = £600 +VAT
  • Very large sites spanning more than twenty 10-km squares = £POA

Want more information?

To obtain a quote, please complete the form below. You will receive an email requesting your GIS shapefiles so we can provide an accurate quote. View our .

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