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Revitalised BTO website coming soon

Shortly after Easter (during the week of 29 April) the BTO website will be rejuvenated with a new look, structure, and fresh content. Current users will be able to easily access survey pages and My BTO, while 'landing' pages have been redesigned to help new visitors better understand what BTO does and engage with us more easily. New types of content include a blog to discuss the opportunities and challenges we face, case studies on the impact of BTO work and new articles on understanding birds and developing your skills.
White Admiral by Mike Toms / BTO

Butterflies bounce back

The latest results from the Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey, to which BBS volunteers contribute, have just been published. Butterfly numbers can fluctuate markedly between years in response to weather conditions and the relatively hot and dry 2018 season was generally good for butterflies such as the rare Black Hairstreak and Large Blue, as well as the more common Brown Argus and Speckled Wood.
Tagged Cuckoos 12 March 2019

Our Cuckoos are on their way back

Nine of our satellite tagged Cuckoos have made it to West Africa, from where they will prepare to cross the Sahara desert in the next few weeks and make their way back to their breeding grounds in Britain. Follow the Cuckoos as they undertake their amazing spring migration.

Mediterranean Gull by Dawn Balmer

Northern Ireland Seabird Report 2018

Puffin numbers remain stable, Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gull both increase and Mediterranean Gull breeds in its highest number in 2018. You can read about the fortunes of 20 seabird species in the latest Northern Ireland Seabird Report