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Mute Swan by Andy Parkinson

Bird Photographer Of The Year 2015

Mute Swan Adult In Detail by Andy Parkinson won the overall title of Bird Photographer Of The Year 2015 but everyone will have their favourites. Check out the winning photographs from all of the categories and enjoy a free copy of the book if you join the BTO, or purchase it directly.

Spurn Migration Festival

Spurn Migration Festival 2016

With less than three weeks to go before Migfest 2016, tickets are selling fast. Get yours here to join the BTO team celebrating migration through a series of walks, talks and live demonstrations at this premier destination for migratory birds.

Bird Photographer of the Year 2016

Bird Photographer of the Year

Published on 20 August, this wonderful book is available for pre-order from BTO. It includes a selection of the most stunning images from the winners and short-listed photographers who took part in the Bird Photographer of the Year award 2016. Get a sneak preview and take advantage of the BTO’s special offer now.

Guillemot by Edmund Fellowes

Online Ringing and Nest Recording Report 2015

The latest Ringing and Nest Recording Report has just been published in full. Longevity records for 11 species have been broken; at the ripe old age of 36 years, 11 months and 28 days, we have a new oldest Guillemot. Just under a million birds were ringed, and almost 50,000 nest records submitted.