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Looking out for birds? Share your interest in birds with others by being part of the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). Volunteer surveyors, members and staff work in partnership to provide unbiased information about birds and their habitats. Join or volunteer today and make birds count.

By Stephen McAvoy

Join us at Birdfair

We are excited about attending the upcoming Birdfair. If you are going to be there come and say hello to us in Marquee 3, join one of our free guided walks and look out for BTO talks. We'd also like you to visit our video booth to tell us what BTO means to you, and don’t forget the bird ringing demo. See you there from 17-19 August!
Red Fox by John Harding

BTO surveyors and mammal monitoring

The UK’s mammals present particular challenges for monitoring; they live in a wide variety of habitats, vary enormously in size and can be very difficult to see, but as the latest paper from BTO scientists shows, Britain’s army of volunteer bird surveyors could come to the rescue.
The Cuckoos of 2018

The Cuckoos of 2018 have crossed the desert

Raymond was the last to successfully cross the desert during the early hours of 8 August. This means that all fourteen tagged Cuckoos that we are currently following have survived the Sahara and are now spread from Senegal in the west to Chad in the east. Read their blogs and follow them as they make their way to the Congo basin.
Tawny Owl by John Harding

Tawny Owl Point Survey

Can you take on a tetrad to survey for Tawny Owls? If you think you can, there are tetrads available across the UK; check out the available squares and register here.