We are protecting vulnerable winter birds in the midst of a deadly Avian Influenza outbreak. Please help us today.

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Understanding birds

BTO has been at the forefront of bird monitoring and research since we were founded in 1933, and since that time we have accrued a vast body of knowledge. Sharing our understanding of birds is an important part of our work, helping to invigorate and inform our vital volunteer base and inspire the next generation of ornithologists to tackle the conservation challenges of the future.

Barn Owl. Les Foster
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BTO strives to provide a deeper understanding of birds their behaviour. BirdFacts is a one-stop shop for data on British birds.Read our masterclass articles covering one aspect of ornithology in depth. Let us recommend what to read next in our book reviews.

A collaboration between 70 authors and 70 artists with a single goal: to raise funds for conservation work focused on our most at-risk birds.

Almost a third of UK bird species are in population free fall, and as a result our lives are diminished. Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to BTO and The Rare Breeding Birds Panel to further their work on Red-listed birds.

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Search for a bird species on BirdFacts

BirdFacts gives in depth information about all of the bird species recorded in the wild in Britain. For each one, BirdFacts is a one stop shop for details of its abundance, distribution, population trends, demographic factors and biometrics, along with other fascinating facts and trivia.

Gannet resting on a rock

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Birds and pollution — a masterclass

Increasing human activity brings more pollution into the environment. This can take many forms and can affect birds in a number of ways, as Nina O'Hanlon explains.

Donate to the Avian Influenza Appeal today, and help us protect vulnerable birds in the midst of a deadly outbreak.
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BTO Avian Influenza Appeal

Avian influenza has devastated seabird colonies and now threatens our wintering migrant birds. Support our research - donate to our Avian Influenza Appeal today.

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