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BTO Birdcamp 2018. Robert Read
Help us understand birds and the threats they face

There are lots of ways you can contribute. Many help us by taking part in our fieldwork surveys - but you can support us as a member, become a regional organiser, help at an event, or donate to an appeal. However you choose to support us - thank you.

Arctic Tern Photographer Jeremy Moore

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Take Part

Whether you record the birds in your local park or when you go birdwatching further afield you can add them to BirdTrack and see how your records develop over months and years.

Leaving a gift in your Will to BTO

BTO depends on the generosity of supporters who decide to leave a gift in their will. Consider leaving a legacy for the next generation.

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If you value impartial science that makes a difference, support BTO with a regular donation.


Make your birdwatching count by taking part in a BTO project today

Spotted Flycatcher. Photograph by David Jefferson
Featured appeal

Spotted Flycatcher Appeal

Help us pinpoint why Spotted Flycatchers are dying, and address the alarming declines that we have charted over the last 50 years.

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