The State of the UK's Birds

Since 1999, these reports have provided an annual overview of the status of bird populations in the UK and its Overseas Territories. They include trends for as many of the UK’s regularly occurring species as possible.

SUKB reports on the latest assessment of the status of the UK’s breeding and non-breeding bird species. These are listed in Birds of Conservation Concern 4 (BoCC4), published in December 2015. Species were assessed against a set of objective criteria in order to be placed on the Green, Amber or Red lists – indicating increasing levels of conservation concern. More than a quarter of the UK’s bird species are now on the Red list, and in this report we highlight some of the species that have been reclassified since the last review in 2009, as well as those groups of species for which there are particular concerns.

Who the report is produced by

SUKB is produced by a coalition of three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) – the RSPBBTO and the WWT – and the UK Government’s statutory nature conservation agencies – Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Natural England (NE), Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC).

State of UK Birds 2017 cover

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