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BTO members receive our exciting, full-colour 40 page magazine BTO News four times a year. BTO News keeps you informed of the work of the Trust and related topical issues concerning birds and the environment, all illustrated with stunning photographs.

See how we use your records, and how vital they are for our work, contributing enormously to our research understanding bird populations and identifying effective conservation measures. You will also learn about other BTO research, new and upcoming surveys and how you can help.

Each feature-packed issue also tells you the latest bird news, gives information on recently published books and reviews of new products, includes top tips on bird ID, and lets you know of events, training courses and conferences around the country.

As a taster, here’s a preview of some of our BTO News articles:

The secret lives of wintering Blackcaps

Benjamin van Doren and Greg Conway highlight the findings of collaborative research on Blackcap migration, behaviour, ecology and morphology.

Road testing

Sophia Cooke explains the findings of her PhD, undertaken in partnership with BTO, looking at the potential impacts of roads on birds in Great Britain.

Opinion piece by Alison Johnston

BTO’s former Ecological Statistician discusses the role gender plays in birdwatching and ornithology, and why equality matters.

Opinion piece by Gordon Kirk

BTO Regional Representative for Gloucestershire discusses the joys of intergenerational birding.

Ornithological masterclass: avian evolution

Chris Cooney and Gavin Thomas from the University of Sheffield take readers on a whistle-stop tour through 165 million years to explain just where today’s birds come from.

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