Ringing & Migration

The Science of Ornithological Fieldwork

Editor: Graham Scott

Editorial Board

Guy Anderson RSPB
Franz Bairlein Institut für Vogelforschung, Wilhelmshaven 
Nikita Chernetsov Biological Station Rybachy
Jon Coleman Northumbria Ringing Group, UK
Aonghais Cook 
Wolfgang Fiedler Max-Planck-Institut für Ornithologie, Vogelwarte Radolfzell 
Tómas Gunnarsson University of Iceland 
Hugh Insley Inverness 
Eunbi Kwon Max Planck Institute for Ornithology​, Germany
Roger Riddington Shetland Ringing Group 
Stuart Sharp Lancaster University 
Jez Smith British Trust for Ornithology
Fernando Spina Italian National Ringing Centre Bologna 
Kasper Thorup University of Copenhagen


Managing Editor: Ruth Walker BTO

Guidelines for authors (PDF, 30.28 KB).

Ringing & Migration online

Aims and scope

Ringing & Migration publishes high quality papers on all aspects of avian ecology, with a particular emphasis on the use of ringing, tracking and nest monitoring to improve our understanding of factors influencing survival, breeding success, migration and other movements. Although the focus is on birds that occur in the Western Palearctic the journal also welcomes papers from other parts of the world that are relevant to studies of Western Palearctic avifauna.

The journal encourages and supports field ornithologists, many of whom are carrying out their research interests in a voluntary capacity and without any academic or institutional affiliation. In recognition of the key role that these volunteers play in conservation and the challenges presented by increasing standards of study design and analytical techniques, members of the Editorial Board are very happy to advise such authors on the preparation of manuscripts.

Ringing & Migration, which is a journal of the British Trust for Ornithology, publishes the following types of articles:

  • Original research papers
  • Short original research notes (around 1500 words in length)
  • Scientific reviews
  • Forum articles covering general ornithological issues, including non-scientific ones
  • Short feedback articles that make scientific criticisms of papers published recently in the journal
  • Critical book reviews


From September 2007 Ringing & Migration will accept submissions through the website http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/bto .

Submissions should conform to the guidelines which are found in the Instructions & Forms section on the opening page of that web site. These instructions can also be found on this page by following the Guideline for Authors link above. Each paper will be acknowledged and will be subject to review by the Editor and another member of the Editorial Board, an independent referee, or both. Papers will usually be accepted, returned for revision or rejected within two months of receipt. They will usually be published in the order in which fully revised typescripts are received, subject to such constraints as the number of pages available in each issue of the journal.

Enquiries about the submission process, advice on the preparation of manuscripts and the suitability of subject matter for inclusion in Ringing & Migration can be sent to the Editor, Professor Graham Scott, at Grahamscottyo14 [at] gmail.com

Subscription information

Ringing & Migration is published twice a year and supplied to holders of class S, A and C BTO Ringing Permits at no extra cost. Trainees can opt in to receive it (for an additional fee) when they take out or renew their ringing permit.

It is also available to other BTO members at a price of £12.75 per year. Please contact Sam Graham at membership [at] bto.org to arrange a subscription.

For non–members, institutions and library subscriptions, please visit the Taylor & Francis website.

For further information about Ringing & Migration, please contact ringing [at] bto.org

Ringing & Migration

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