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Aerial view of the rewilded CEZ

Long-term Effects of Rewilding on Species Composition: 22-years of Raptor Monitoring in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

2022 | Dombrovski, V.C., Zhurauliou, D.V. & Ashton-Butt, A. Restoration Ecology

Rewilding the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

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Juvenile Greater Spotted Eagle in the nest

Long-term Effects of Rewilding on Species Composition: 22-years of Raptor Monitoring in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

2022 | Dombrovski, V.C., Zhurauliou, D.V. & Ashton-Butt, A. Restoration Ecology

Rewilding the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Peer-reviewed papers

Multi-taxa spatial conservation planning reveals similar priorities between taxa and improved protected area representation with climate change

2022 | Critchlow, R., Cunningham, C.A., Crick, H.Q.P., Macgregor, N.A., Morecroft, M.D., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Oliver, T.H., Carroll, M.J. & Beale, C.M. Biodiversity and Conservation

Peer-reviewed papers
Oystercatcher, Liz Cutting

Resilient protected area network enables species adaptation that mitigates the impact of a crash in food supply

2022 | Bowgen, K.M., Wright, L.J., Calbrade, N.A., Coker, D., Dodd, S.G., Hainsworth, I., Howells, R.J., Hughes, D.S., Jenks, P., Murphy, M.D., Sanderson, W.G., Taylor, R.C. & Burton, N.H.K Marine Ecology Progress Series

Oystercatcher numbers are declining in the UK, in line with the trends for wader species globally, and with ever greater anthropogenic changes to wader habitats, it is vital we understand the proce

Peer-reviewed papers
GPS-tagged Lesser Black-backed Gull by Gary Clewley

Development of a weak-link wing harness for use on large gulls (Laridae): methodology, evaluation and recommendations

2021 | Clewley, G.D., Clark, N.A., Thaxter, C.B., Green, R.M., Scragg, E.S. & Burton, N.H.K. Seabird

Peer-reviewed papers
Red-breasted Geese, Chris Knights.

Pinpointing which protected area characteristics help community response to climate warming: waterbirds in the European Union’s Natura 2000 network

2021 | Gaget, E.. Johnston, A., Pavón Jordán, D., Lehikoinen, A., Sandercock, B., Soultan, A., Božič, L., Clausen, P., Devos, K., Domsa, C., Encarnação, V., Faragó, S., Fitzgerald, N., Frost, T., Gaudard, C., Gosztonyi, L., Haas, F., Hornman, M., Langendoen, T., Ieronymidou, C., Luiujoe, L., Meissner, W., Mikuska, T., Molina, B., Musilová, Z., Paquet, J.-Y., Petkov, N., Portolou, D., Ridzoň, J., Sniauksta, L., Stīpniece, A., Teufelbauer, N., Wahl, J.,; Zenatello, M. & Brommer, J. Conservation Biology

Research Reports
Dunlin by Edmund Fellowes

Sensitivity mapping for breeding waders in Britain: towards producing zonal maps to guide wader conservation, forest expansion and other land-use changes. Report with specific data for Northumberland and north-east Cumbria

Sensitivity mapping for breeding waders

2021 | O’Connell, P., Wilson, M., Wetherhill, A. & Calladine, J. British Trust for Ornithology Research Report

Models to be used towards the development of tools to guide, inform and minimise conflict between wader conservation and forest expansion.

Peer-reviewed papers
Whooper Swan by Edmund Fellowes

The Icelandic Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus population: current status and long-term (1986–2020) trends in its numbers and distribution

2021 | Brides, K., Wood, K.A., Hall, C., Burke, B., McElwaine, E., Einarsson, Ó., Calbrade, N., Hill, O. & Rees, E.C. Wildfowl Journal

Birds of Conservation Concern
Swifts. Philip Croft

The status of our bird populations: the fifth Birds of Conservation Concern in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man and second IUCN Red List assessment of extinction risk for Great Britain

Birds of Conservation Concern 5

2021 | Stanbury, A.J., Eaton, M.A., Aebischer, N.J., Balmer, D., Brown, A.F., Douse, A., Lindley, P., McCulloch, N., Noble, D.G. & Win, I. British Birds

The same group of experts undertook a parallel exercise to assess the extinction risk of all bird species for Great Britain (the geographical area at which all other taxa are assessed) using the cr

Peer-reviewed papers
GPS-tagging a Greater Spotted Eagle by Valery Dombrovski

Spatial and temporal differences in migration strategies among endangered European Greater Spotted Eagles Clanga clanga

2021 | Väli, Ü., Dombrovski, V., Maciorowski, G., Sellis, U. & Ashton Butt, A. Bird Conservation International

The Greater Spotted Eagle is a Critically Endangered species, with fewer than 1,000 breeding pairs remaining in Europe.

Peer-reviewed papers
Tagged Lesser Black-backed Gull, Gary Clewley

GPS tracking reveals landfill closures induce higher foraging effort and habitat switching in gulls

2021 | Langley, L.P., Bearhop, S., Burton, N.H.K., Banks, A.N., Frayling, T., Thaxter, C., Clewley G., Scragg, E. & Votier, S.C. Movement Ecology

During the 20th century, gull populations across the globe increased rapidly in response to human activities, with the availability of waste food in landfill sites a key driver of their success.

Peer-reviewed papers

Setting priorities for climate change adaptation of Critical Sites in the Africa-Eurasian waterbird flyways

2021 | Breiner, F.T., Anand, M., Butchart, S.H.M., Flörke, M., Fluet-Chouinard, E., Guisan, A., Hilarides, L., Jones, V.R., Kalyakin, M., Lehner, B., Leeuwen, M., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Voltzit, O. & Nagy, S. Global Change Biology

Peer-reviewed papers
Swallows by Cathy Ryden

Better utilisation and transparency of bird data collected by powerline companies

2021 | Kettel, E., Thaxter, C.B., Oppel, S., Carryer, A., Innis, L. & Pearce-Higgins, J.W. Journal of Environmental Management

The continued increase in global energy demand requires expanding networks of power supply.

Research Reports
Kittiwake. Liz Cutting

Climate Change and the UK's Birds

Climate change is already affecting the UK's birds

2021 | Pearce-Higgins, J.W.

An increasing body of research demonstrates the impacts of climate change on bird species across the globe, revealing a range of responses.

Peer-reviewed papers
Grasshopper Warbler in song, Amy Lewis

Bird population declines and species turnover are changing the acoustic properties of spring soundscapes

The sound of spring is changing

2021 | Morrison C.A., Auniņš A., Benkő Z., Brotons L., Chodkiewicz T., Chylarecki P., Escandell V., Eskildsen D.P, Gamero A., Herrando S., Jiguet F., Kålås J.A., Kamp J., Klvaňová A., Kmecl P., Lehikoinen A., Lindström Å., Moshøj C., Noble D.G., Øien I.J., Paquet J-Y., Reif J., Sattler T., Seaman B.S., Teufelbauer N., Trautmann S., van Turnhout C.A.M., Vořišek P. & Butler S.J. Nature Communications

Using new techniques, this study shows that the birdsong soundscape in Europe and North America has deterioriated over the past 25 years, due to a reduction in acoustic diversity and intensity.

Peer-reviewed papers
Coppice with standards by Rob Fuller

Woodland management and birds. Part 2. Conservation measures and strategies

2021 | Fuller, R. Quarterly Journal of Forestry

Annual Review
Annual Report 2020-21 cover

Annual Report & Accounts 2020/21

2021 |

The pandemic saw BTO adapt swiftly to staff working from home; the adoption of virtual opportunities made events such as our Annual General Meeting and celebration of 20 years in Scotland more accessi

Peer-reviewed papers
Curlew. Liz Cutting

Long term changes in the abundance of benthic foraging birds in a restored wetland

2021 | Mander, L., Scapin, L., Thaxter, C.B., Forster, R. & Burton, N.H.K. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Peer-reviewed papers
Sheep. Mike Toms

Rapid adaptive modelling for policy support towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals: Brexit and the livestock sector in Wales

2021 | Thomas, A., Cosby, B.J., Gooday, R., Lyons, H., Siriwardena, G., Kettel, E., Matthews, D., Beauchamp, K., Petr, M. & Emmet, B.A. Environmental Science & Policy

Peer-reviewed papers
Whinchat. Edmund Fellowes

Upward elevational shift by breeding Whinchat Saxicola rubetra in response to cessation of grazing in upland grassland

Whinchats move upwards when grazing stops

2021 | Calladine, J. & Jarrett, D. Bird Study

Changes in land use cause breeding Whinchat to head for higher ground.

Peer-reviewed papers
Herring Gull. John Harding

Foraging habitat selection by breeding Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) from a declining coastal colony in the United Kingdom

Herring Gulls aren't after your chips

2021 | Clewley, G. D., Barber, L.J., Conway, G.J., Clark, N.A., Donato, B.J., Thaxter, C.B. & Burton, N.H.K. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

New BTO research using GPS tracking reveals that declining Herring Gulls are more likely to be foraging on Mussels than pilfering chips.


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