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BirdTrends 2023

Read BTO’s BirdTrends 2023 Report

2024 |

BTO’s BirdTrends 2023 report provides summary information about the population status of the common breeding birds of the wider UK countryside.

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Peer-reviewed papers
Woodcock, by Ross Goodwin / BTO

Population and distribution change of Eurasian Woodcocks Scolopax rusticola breeding in the UK: results from the 2023 ‘Breeding Woodcock Survey’

2024 | Heward, C.J., Conway, G.J., Hoodless, A.N., Norfolk, D. & Aebischer, N.J. Bird Study

Breeding Woodcocks are difficult to monitor through traditional multi-species surveys because of their nocturnal behaviour and cryptic plumage.

Peer-reviewed papers
Greater Spotted Eagle, by David Tipling / BTO

Active European warzone impacts raptor migration

2024 | Russell, C., Franco, A., Atkinson, P., Väli, Ü. & Ashton-Butt, A. Current Biology

In 2019, BTO began research in Polesia, including parts of northern Ukraine.

The Breeding Bird Survey Report

The Breeding Bird Survey 2023

2024 | Heywood, J.J.N., Massimino, D., Balmer, D.E., Kelly, L., Marion, S., Noble, D.G., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., White, D.M., Woodcock, P., Wotton, S. and Gillings, S.

The 2023 BBS report celebrates the survey’s 30th anniversary, and the commitment and dedication of nearly 9,000 volunteers who have contributed since 1994.

Peer-reviewed papers
Nuthatch, by Edmund Fellowes / BTO

A family of process-based models to simulate landscape use by multiple taxa

Promoting landscapes that are better for wildlife

2024 | Gardner, E., Robinson, R.A., Julian, A., Boughey, K., Langham, S., Tse-Leon, J., Petrovskii, S., Baker, D.J., Bellamy, C., Buxton, A., Franks, S., Monk, C., Morris, N., Park, K.J., Petrovan, S., Pitt, K., Taylor, R., Turner, R.K., Allain, S.J.R., Bradley, V., Broughton, R.K., Cartwright, M., Clarke, K., Cranfield, J., Fuentes-Montemayor, E., Gandola, R., Gent, T., Hinsley, S.A., Madsen, T., Reading, C., Redhead, J.W., Reveley, S., Wilkinson, J., Williams, C., Woodward, I., Baker, J., Briggs, P., Dyason, S., Langton, S., Mawby, A., Pywell, R.F. & Bullock, J.M. Landscape Ecology

One way to determine where habitat restoration might most usefully occur is to use computer models to predict how changing landscapes in particular areas might best benefit different wildlife group

Peer-reviewed papers
Ring-necked Parakeet, by Sarah Kelman / BTO

Not in the countryside please! Investigating UK residents’ perceptions of an introduced species, the ring-necked parakeet (Psittacula krameri)

2024 | Pirzio-Biroli, A., Crowley, S.L., Siriwardena, G.M., Plummer, K.E., Schroeder, J. & White, R.L. NeoBiota

Peer-reviewed papers
Golden Orioles, by Chris Knights / BTO

Spatial variation in spring arrival patterns of Afro-Palearctic bird migration across Europe

2024 | Border, J.A., Boersch-Supan, P., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Hewson, C., Howard, C., Stephens, P.A., Willis, S.G., Houston, A., Gargallo, G. & Baillie, S.R. Global Ecology and Biogeography

This study looked at the variation across space in spring arrival time to Europe for 30 species of birds which winter in Africa.

Peer-reviewed papers
Gannet by Liz Cutting / BTO

Natural body size variation in seabirds provides a fundamental challenge for flight height determination by single-camera photgrammetry. A comment on Humphries et al. 2023

Uncertainty in seabird body size and its implications for studying flight height

2024 | Boersch-Supan, P.H., Brighton, C.H., Thaxter, C.B. & Cook, A.S.C.P. Marine Biology

Waterbirds in the UK

Waterbirds in the UK 2022/23

2024 | Woodward, I.D., Calbrade, N.A., Birtles, G.A., Feather, A., Peck, K., Wotton, S.R., Shaw, J.M., Balmer, D.E. & Frost, T.M.

Read the latest results of the annual Wetland Bird Survey Report and the Goose and Swan Monitoring Programme surveys.

Peer-reviewed papers
Short-eared Owl, by Liz Cutting / BTO

Use of dwarf shrubland–grassland mosaics by a nomadic predatory bird, the Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus

Identifying habitat needs for Short-eared Owls

2024 | Calladine, J., Southall, C., Wetherhill, A. & Morrison, N. Journal of Ornithology

A substantial proportion of Britain’s Short-eared Owl population breeds on managed moorland, where these avian predators specialise on small mammal prey.

Research Reports
Kittiwake, by Ben Darvill / BTO

Seabird population and demographic monitoring in the UK: a review and recommendations for future sampling

Review of the Seabird Monitoring Programme highlights new opportunities

2024 | O’Hanlon, N.J., Harris, S.J., Thaxter, C.B., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Robinson, R.A., Balmer, D.E. & Burton, N.H.K.

Current annual trend information delivered by the Seabird Monitoring Programme (SMP) is imprecise, absent, or geographically limited for several UK breeding seabird species.

Northern Ireland Seabird Report

Northern Ireland Seabird Report 2023

2024 |

Peer-reviewed papers
Protected area, by Katherine Booth Jones / BTO

The benefits of protected areas for bird population trends may depend on their condition

2024 | Brighton, C.H., Massimino, D., Boersch-Supan, P., Barnes, A.E., Martay, B., Bowler, D.E., Hoskins, H.M.J. & Pearce-Higgins, J.W. Biological Conservation

BTO-led research highlights the importance of the quality of protected areas in their effectiveness.


BirdTrends 2023

Read BTO’s BirdTrends 2023 Report

2024 |

BTO’s BirdTrends 2023 report provides summary information about the population status of the common breeding birds of the wider UK countryside.

Peer-reviewed papers
Arctic Skua, by Sarah Harris / BTO

Synchronous timing of return to breeding sites in a long-distance migratory seabird with ocean-scale variation in migration schedules

2024 | van Bemmelen, R., Moe, B., Schekkerman, H., Hanssen, S.A., Snell, K., Humphreys, L., Mäntylä, E., Hallgrimsson, G.T., Gilg, O., Ehrich, D., Calladine, J., Hammer, S., Harris, S., Lang, J., Vignisson, S., Kolbeinsson, Y., Kimmo, N., Sillanpää, M., Sittler, B., Sokolov, A., Klaassen, R., Phillips, R. & Tulp, I. Movement Ecology

Peer-reviewed papers
Cuckoo, by Colin Brown / BTO

Fidelity and distance to previously visited sites throughout the annual cycle in a trans-Saharan migrant, the Common Cuckoo

2024 | Bonaldi, C., Vardanis, Y., Willemoes, M., Hewson, C.M., Atkinson, P.W., Nilsson, J-Å., Klaassen, R.H.G., Strandberg, R., Tøttrup, A.P., Howey, P.W., Alerstam, T. & Thorup, K. Journal of Avian Biology

Research in collaboration with BTO scientists has used data from satellite-tracked adult male Cuckoos to show that although all birds returned to the same breeding grounds in consecutive years, the

Research Reports
Red Kite, by John Harding / BTO

Modelling population-level impacts of wind farm collision risk on Welsh Red Kites

Red Kites and onshore wind in Wales

2024 | Hereward, H.F.R., Macgregor, C.J., Gabb, O., Connell, A., Thomas, R.J., Cross, A.V. & Taylor, R.C.

The Welsh Red Kite population is currently in ongoing recovery after a historic decline driven by persecution, and a consequent population bottleneck during the first half of the 20th century.

Peer-reviewed papers
Arctic Skua with ring and geolocator on leg, by Sarah Harris / BTO

Cross population comparison of complex migration strategies in a declining oceanic seabird

2024 | O'Hanlon, N.J., van Bemmelen, R.S.A., Snell, K.R.S., Conway, G.J, Thaxter, C.B., Aiton, H., Aiton, D., Balmer, D.E., Are Hanssen, S., Calladine, J.R., Hammer, S., Harris, S.J., Moe, B., Schekkerman, H., Tulp, I. & Humphreys, E.M. Marine Ecology Progress Series

Arctic Skuas are long-distance migrant seabirds that have seen large declines in breeding numbers across areas of the nor

Research Reports
Yellowhammer, by Liz Cutting / BTO

Breeding periods of hedgerow-nesting birds in England

Breeding periods of hedgerow-nesting birds in England

2024 | Hugh J. Hanmer & Dave I. Leech

Peer-reviewed papers
Grass Snake, by Amy Lewis / BTO

Characterisation, prevalence and severity of skin lesions caused by ophidiomycosis in a population of wild snakes

2024 | Allain, S.J.R., Leech, D.I., Hopkins, K., Seilern-Moy, K., Rodriguez-Ramos Fernandez, J., Griffiths, R.A. & Lawson, B. Scientific Reports

Research Reports
BTO research Report 764 cover

Bailiwick Bat Survey: 2023 season report

Bailiwick bat survey report findings

2024 | Newson, S.E., Allez, S.L., Coule, E.K., Guille, A.W., Henney, J.M., Higgins, L., Mclellan, G.D., Lewis, M., Simmons, M.C. & Atkinson, P.W.

The Bailiwick Bat Survey capitalises on the interest and enthusiasm of volunteers to participate in biodiversity monitoring to systematically collect bat distribution and activity data across Guern


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