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BTO Consulting offers a bespoke range of ecological consulting services to organisations and businesses seeking reliable scientific data to enable informed and responsible decision-making. We undertake professional research and analysis, relating to birds, other wildlife and habitats, to advance the understanding of natural systems, safeguard global biodiversity and support sustainable development.

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Nightjar tagging. Jody Lawrence

Our knowledge and expertise ensure that projects have all the necessary information to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. We have a wealth of experience in delivering high quality, policy-relevant advice by working in partnership with the academic and conservation science communities, with Government Departments and Agencies, and with the private and voluntary sectors in the UK and further afield.

Our vision is to provide impactful and relevant expertise by combining innovative analyses with the latest data-gathering technology. All profits are donated to the British Trust for Ornithology for the benefit of its charitable mission.

Our independent non-campaigning stance has led to impact assessment work and the provision of impartial advisory services to regulatory institutions and businesses in a variety of sectors. James Pearce-Higgins, Director of Science 

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Research Areas

We are in our element in our core habitats, which include wetland and marine, farmland, woodland and scrub, and urban spaces. We provide tailored research and advisory services within and connected to all of these areas and have amassed considerable experience in the fields of agriculture and renewable energy both in domestic and international markets.

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Monitoring and Surveys

We design and carry out ecological surveys to both augment existing or provide new data. BTO Consulting has a unique combination of professional scientists and volunteers, and undertakes modern statistically robust surveys with web-based online data entry and retrieval.

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Modelling and Reviews

Using our extensive data resources and results of bespoke surveys we provide modelling and predictive study expertise and experience to a wide range of sectors. Our advisory work has included assessments of the potential impacts of tidal power schemes on estuarine waterbirds and guidance on Environmental Impact Assessment methodologies for offshore wind farm developments. Need to review and take stock? We can provide collation, analysis and reporting on existing data, scientific literature and external monitoring schemes.

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Products and Technologies

With our expertise in GPS tracking and sound identification, we have developed a number of tools to aid scientific research and support conservation efforts. Our equipment and software can be used in a number of research contexts to help answer important questions.

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