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Chris the Cuckoo

Awaiting the return of Chris the Cuckoo

Chris, our satellite tagged cuckoo is set to return to the East Anglian countryside for his fourth successive summer wearing a unique satellite tag in the next few days. Over the last three years Chris has kept to a pretty tight timetable. In 2012 he came back on the 1 May, and in 2013 on the 6 May but spring is early this year and he is now in northern France and could be back as early as tomorrow.

House Sparrow by John Harding

Garden BirdWatch Wiltshire Conference

The Garden BirdWatch team are running the Garden and Urban Wildlife Conference on Saturday May 24th at Trowbridge, Wiltshire. The conference will be celebrating the importance of gardens and urban areas as habitats for wildlife and will include speakers from Butterfly Conservation, the local Five Rivers bat group, and experts on urban Peregrines and Hedgehogs. Book as soon as possible to guarantee your place!

Bullfinch by Chris Bradley

Bird of the Month - Bullfinch

UK Bullfinch populations have declined by 36% since 1967. As part of the urban focus of the Beyond the maps research programme we hope to carry out work to understand why Bullfinches linger in the suburbs of Edinburgh but not many other cities. Understanding what makes places suitable and others not could help us plan greener cities in future. Read the Bullfinch Bird of the Month article here.

Golden Plover by Edmund Fellowes

New Bird ID video - Grey and Golden Plover

Can you tell the silver from the gold? Found around our coasts, wetlands and uplands Golden Plover is a beautiful medium-sized wader. Its cousin, Grey Plover, can be found around our coasts in most months of the year, causing a potential ID challenge. This Golden and Grey Plover ID video will help you to confidently separate the two species.

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