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Grey wagtail by Edmund Fellowes

BBS results - wagtail declines

The recently published Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) results reveal wagtail species are in long-term decline in the UK, House Sparrows are thriving in Wales, Linnets are struggling in Northern Ireland and House Martins are up in Scotland but down in England. The BBS results allow us to see the extent at which bird populations are increasing or decreasing, which is fundamental to bird conservation. Thanks to our volunteers we have been able to monitor the population changes for over 100 bird species over 3,600 sites. Read the BBS report

Blackbird by www.grayimages.co.uk

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Robin by Jill Pakenham

Garden Bird Feeding Survey results

The latest Garden Bird Feeding Survey results tell us about the use of feeders by birds during the winter of 2013/14. Results indicate that the combination of extremely mild weather and a bumper crop of natural food meant that birds did not need supplementary food. Even the frequent garden visitors such as Robins seemed to abandon gardens for the countryside.

Will Chester the satellite-tagged Cuckoo be the next to cross the Sahara Desert?

Successful southward migration for our Cuckoos

Most of our satellite-tagged Cuckoos are having a successful southward migration this year, possibly as a result of them being in good condition when they left the UK due to our good spring and early summer weather. Most birds have already successfully crossed the Sahara Desert. However, Chris the Cuckoo is still in Italy and appears to be running late. This time last year he was south of the Sahara Desert. You can follow our satellite-tagged Cuckoos here.  
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