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Blue Tit by Tommy Holden

Take part in Nest Box Challenge

"Now that the breeding season is in full swing, reports are flooding in to Nest Box Challenge. Nest boxes are an important part of wild bird conservation and monitoring them is a fun and significant way to contribute. By recording the progress of any nests you find and submitting counts of egg and chicks online you can help benefit national bird populations by helping conservationists to understand the impacts of climate change and urbanisation. Even empty nest boxes are worth recording."

Life Cycle

This brand new publication is packed full of information from the BTO's Demography Team. Life Cycle is primarily a magazine for dedicated ringers and nest recorders, but while some of the articles are of a technical nature, you don't have to be a ringer or nest finder to enjoy them. If you are interested in birds, bird behaviour and conservation, read more here.


Two tagged Cuckoos are back

Two of our satellite tagged Cuckoos have made it back to the UK. Hennah was the first back, with Dudley hot on his heels. Five birds are currently in Spain and three are still on the southern edge of the Sahara. Follow them here as they head for home.

Joining the dots using bird and butterfly data

By working with Butterfly Conservation (BC), we have been able to test the extent that sites with a greater abundance of birds also support other wildlife, in this case, butterflies and so see the effect of environmental change on a relatively small scale. To celebrate our collaboration we have a unique 2 for 1 special offer where you can support the work of the BTO and BC by joining both for just £30.

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