Elizabeth Tatham

Biological Data Manager

Elizabeth is responsible for the BTO Data Request Service and improving the flow of biological data with end-users including students and academics, members of the public, industry, NGOs and statutory bodies.

Interests & Responsibilities

BTO receives over 15 million bird records per year, and annually shares over 20 million records with a range of users, for research, monitoring and engagement. Elizabeth oversees this process, working with data providers, scheme organisers and end-users to supply accurate data in a timely manner.

She previously spent a year working for an environmental records centre, where she learnt about a variety of end-user needs. This puts her in a good position to help make BTO data systems more efficient and develop new products that will extend the reach and impact of our data.

Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys looking at fungi and pigeons, though preferably not together.


MBiol Biological Sciences, University of Oxford, 2022
Dissertation: “Can pigeon plumage be used as a diagnostic for changes in abiotic variables at macro and micro scales?”