Chris Wernham


Associate Director, Country Offices


I am responsible leading the work of BTO Scotland, overseeing our programme of research and the activities that underpin development of our supporter base in Scotland.


BSc (Hons) Ecology, University of Stirling, 1985-1989
PhD “Ecology and energetics of breeding Puffins: variation in individual reproductive effort and success”, University of Stirling, 1990-1993

Research Interests/Responsibilities

My team at BTO Scotland is responsible for a programme of science that is relevant to the Scottish context, with particular expertise in upland/montane/moorland and forestry research, and raptors. We also have research interests in urban issues, seabirds and stakeholder engagement/human-wildlife conflict resolution. My team has the additional responsibility of enhancing the coverage and relevance of BTO-led long-term monitoring schemes in Scotland, and working more generally to increase the BTO’s overall supporter base of Members, volunteers and funders in Scotland.

I have a particular background in avian demography and migration/movements, having previously held the posts of Senior Populations Biologist (Ringing Scheme) and Migration Atlas Project Manager at the BTO. Since joining the BTO in 1996 I have worked on a wide range of applied and policy-driven conservation research, survey and review projects, including: the conflicts of fish-eating birds with fisheries; the population dynamics of Canada Geese; the effects of predatory birds on wildlife in Scotland; demography and management of urban gull populations; goose management policy in Scotland; and other applied work on seabirds (gulls and auks), raptors and geese. I have a particular interest in raptors, and was one of the editors of the field guide to surveying and monitoring raptors. I am BTO’s main representative on the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group, on behalf of which BTO Scotland employs the Raptor Monitoring Officer, Brian Etheridge.

Other Information

Honorary Lecturer, SBES, University of Stirling
BTO Scotland representative on the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group
Licensed bird ringer

Selected Publications

Roos, S., Etheridge, B., Cotton, A. & Wernham, C. (In review) Preparation of data from the first six years of the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme (2003-2008), analyzing for trends and set-up of future data management protocols. Report to SNH and the SRMG (Contract No.30458).

Crabtree, R., Humphreys, E., Moxey, A. & Wernham, C. (2011) 2010 Review of Goose Management Policy in Scotland. BTO and CJC Consulting report to the Scottish Government.

Calladine, J., Garner, G., Wernham, C. & Buxton, N. (2010) Variation in the diurnal activity of breeding Short-eared Owls Asio flammeus: implications for their survey and monitoring. Bird Study 27: 89-99.

Calladine, J. & Wernham, C. (2009) Extensive monitoring of rock ptarmigan Lagopus mutus in Scotland: a pilot to test the efficacy of using volunteer surveyors for monitoring arctic-alpine birds. Avocetta 33: 217-224.

Calladine, J., Garner, G., Wernham, C. & Thiel, A. (2009) The influence of survey frequency on population estimates of moorland breeding birds. Bird Study 56: 381-388.

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Wernham, C.V., Peach, W.J., Rowcliffe, M. & Austin, G. 1996. Survival and Productivity of British Canada Geese. BTO report to The Department of the Environment.


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