Niall Burton


Niall Burton. Head of Wetland & Marine Research.

Head of Wetland & Marine Research & Principal Ecologist


I manage a team of seven staff undertaking pure and applied research on the UK’s waterbirds and seabirds. 


BSc in Physical Geography, Reading University, 1986-1989
MSc in Ecology, University of Durham, 1989-1990
PhD on the roosting behaviour of waders, University of Durham, 1991-1995

Research Interests/Responsibilities

As Head of the Wetland and Marine Team, I oversee the BTO’s research into waterbirds and seabirds, working closely with Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) staff in the BTO's Monitoring Team.  The team's research explores the wide range of factors that may affect waterbird and seabird population dynamics, including climate change, habitat change and loss and the impacts of coastal and offshore developments.  My personal research work has focussed on assessing how waterbirds (from individuals to groups) respond to disturbance, habitat change and habitat loss. 

Other Information

I am currently chair of the British Ornithologist's Union (BOU) Meetings Committee and have been a member of the BOU's Council since 2011.  I am also an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia.

Selected Publications

  • Ross-Smith, V.H., Thaxter, C.B., Masden, E.A., Shamoun-Baranes, J., Burton, N.H.K., Wright, L.J., Rehfisch, M.M. & Johnston, A. 2016. Modelling flight heights of lesser black-backed gulls and great skuas from GPS: a Bayesian approach. Journal of Applied Ecology doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12760.
  • Thaxter, C.B., Ross-Smith, V.H., Clark, J.A., Clark, N.A., Conway, G.J., Masden, E.A., Wade, H.M., Leat, E.H.K., Gear, S.C., Marsh, M., Booth, Furness, R.W., Votier, S.C. & Burton, N.H.K. 2016. Contrasting effects of GPS device and harness attachment on adult survival of Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus and Great Skuas Stercorarius skua. Ibis 158 (2): 279-290.
  • Johnston, A., Thaxter, C.B., Austin, G.E., Cook, A.S.C.P., Humphreys, E.M., Still, D.A., Mackay, A., Irvine, R., Webb, A. & Burton, N.H.K. 2015. Modelling the abundance and distribution of marine birds accounting for uncertain species identification. Journal of Applied Ecology 52: 150-160. Download.
  • Thaxter, C.B., Ross-Smith, V.H., Bouten, W., Rehfisch, M.M., Clark, N.A., Conway, G.J. & Burton, N.H.K. 2015. Seabird-wind farm interactions during the breeding season vary within and between years. Biological Conservation 186: 347-358. Download.
  • Johnston, A., Cook, A.S.C.P., Wright, L.J., Humphreys, E.M. & Burton, N.H.K. 2014. Modelling flight heights of marine birds to more accurately assess collision risk with offshore wind turbines.  Journal of Applied Ecology 51: 31-41 Download.
  • Thaxter, C.B., Ross-Smith, V.H., Clark, J., Clark, N.A., Conway, G.J., Marsh, M., Leat, E.H.K & Burton, N.H.K. 2014. A trial of three harness attachment methods and their suitability for long-term use on Lesser Black-backed Gull and Great Skua. Ringing & Migration 29: 65-76. Download.
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  • Newson, S.E., Marchant, J.H., Sellers, R.M., Ekins, G.R., Hearn, R.D. & Burton, N.H.K. 2013. Colonisation and range expansion of inland-breeding Cormorants in England. British Birds 106: 737-743.
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  • Mendez, V., Gill, J.A., Burton, N.H.K., Austin, G.E., Petchey, O.L. & Davies, R.G. 2012.  Functional diversity across space and time: trends in wader communities on British Estuaries.  Diversity and Distributions 18: 356-365.
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Contact Details

Email: niall.burton [at]
Telephone: 01842 750050
Fax: 01842 750030
Postal address: British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, IP24 2PU, UK.