Jennifer Border

Senior Research Ecologist

Jenni works as a postdoc researcher on a NERC-funded project entitled 'Explaining and Predicting the Migration and Phenology of European-African Migratory Birds'.  This project is undertaken in collaboration with Durham University.  For more details please see here

Interests & Responsibilities

Jenni's current research focuses on European-African migratory birds.  The project aims to:

1) Collate an extensive set of tracking, ringing and observation data on trans-Saharan migrant songbirds
2) Parameterise, build and test spatial models of songbird migration
3) Use these models to explore how region-specific population changes in European-African migrants over recent decades are linked to changes in migratory journeys and how migration behaviour changes under different environmental conditions.

In her previous four years as a Spatial Ecologist at BTO Jenni worked on a wide range of projects, primarily centred around large datasets and modelling distributions and trends.  These included predictive modelling of bats' spatial sensivity to urbanisation and opportunities for birds and bats from habitat restoration; assessing gaps in survey coverage at a UK level for birds, bats, butterflies and plants; investigating the likelihood of non-native species invading the UK; modelling breeding phenology in farmland birds; modelling spatio-temporal change in UK bird trends; determining cuckoo use of protected areas and determining drivers of change in moorland breeding bird populations.

Prior to joining BTO Jenni was involved in research such as determining population limitations in a lowland grassland migrant (the whinchat), tagging and tracking seabirds and eradication of the invasive myna birds in the Seychelles.

Jenni is also also a member of the BTO seminar committee, organising the fortnightly seminar series.  If interested in giving a seminar please email seminars [at]


2012-2015 - PhD, Lancaster University, “Determinants of survival, productivity and recruitment in a declining migrant bird, the whinchat, Saxicola rubetra”.
2005-2009 - BSc Honours Ecology and Conservation, University of St Andrews.

Recent BTO Publications

Barton, M.G., Henderson, I., Border, J.A. & Siriwardena, G.M. 2023. A review of the impacts of air pollution on terrestrial birds. Science of The Total Environment 873 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.162136)
Sharps, E., Hawkes, R., Bladon, A., Buckingham, D., Border, J., Morris, A., Grice, P. & Peach, W. 2023. Reversing declines in farmland birds: how much agri-environment provision is needed at farm and landscapes scales?. Journal of Applied Ecology View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.14338)
Calladine, J., Border, J., O’Connell, P. & Wilson, M. 2022. Modelling important areas for breeding waders as a tool to target conservation and minimise conflicts with land use change. Journal for Nature Conservation Link to publication View at journal website (DOI:
Border, J.A., Gillings, S., Reynolds, T., Neeve, G. & Newson, S.E. 2022. Can citizen science provide a solution for bat-friendly planning?. Landscape & Urban Planning 223 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2022.104402)
Fay, F., Schaub, M., Border, J.A., Henderson, I.G., Fahl, G., Feulner, J., Horch, P., Müller, M., Rebstock, H., Shitikov, D., Tome, D., Vögeli, M. & Grüebler, M.U. 2020. Evidence for senescence in survival but not in reproduction in a short-lived passerine. Ecology and Evolution View at journal website (DOI: 10.1002/ece3.6281) 8pp

Other Publications

Feare, C.J., van der Woude, J., Greenwell, P., Edwards, H.A., Taylor, J.A., Larose, C.S., Ahlen, P.-A., West, J.,Chadwick, W., Pandey, S., Garcia, F., Komdeur, J. & de Groene, A. 2016. Eradication of Common Mynas Acridotheres tristis from Denis Island, Seychelles. Pest Management Science. DOI 10.1002/ps.4263.

Taylor, J. A. 2015. Determinants of variation in productivity, adult survival and recruitment in a declining migrant bird: the Whinchat, Saxicola rubetra. PhD Thesis. Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Taylor, J. A., Henderson, I. G., Hartley, I. R. 2015. Breeding Whinchats (Saxicola rubetra) on Salisbury Plain: Evidence that carrying capacity is not currently limited by habitat or food availability. In: Bastian, H-V., Feulner, J. (eds): Living on the Edge of Extinction in Europe. Proc. 1st European Whinchat symposium: 211-218. LBV Hof, Helmbrechts.

Feare, C.J., Edwards,H., Taylor, J.A., Greenwell, P. A., Larose,C. S., Mokhoko, E. & Dine. M. 2015. Stars in their eyes: iris colour and pattern in Common Mynas Acridotheres tristis on Denis and North Islands, Seychelles. Bull. B.O.C. 2015135: 61-68.

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