Katharine Bowgen

Research Ecologist

Katharine works as a Research Ecologist analysing quantitative data from a range of projects from Wales and the rest of the UK with a focus on wetland and marine species.

Interests & Responsibilities

Having worked on a range of bird species as a Research Assistant before starting her PhD Katharine then have focused on wading bird populations and their responses to environmental change. Using the skills she has gained from these previous positions she is now based within the BTO Cymru office looking at Welsh bird populations and their conservation but she is also a part of the Wetland and Marine Research group in Thetford. 


2016 PhD, Bournemouth University: ‘Predicting the effect of environmental change on wading birds: insights from individual-based models.’
2007 MSc Wild Animal Biology, The Institute of Zoology, London and The Royal Veterinary College. 
2006 BSc (Hons) Zoology, University of Nottingham.

Recent BTO Publications

Seward, A., Taylor, R.C., Perrow, M.R., Berridge, R.J., Bowgen, K.M., Dodd, S., Johnstone, I. & Bolton, M. 2020. Effect of GPS tagging on behaviour and marine distribution of breeding Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea. Ibis View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12849)

Other Publications

Griesser, M., Mourocq, E., Barnaby, J., Bowgen, K. M., Eggers, S., Fletcher, K., Kozma, R., Kurz, F., Laurila, A., Nystrand, M., Sorato, E., Ekman, J. 2017. Experience buffers extrinsic mortality in a group-living bird species. Oikos (doi: 10.1111/oik.04098).

Kentie, R., Bowgen, K. M., Loghry, J. P. 2016. Wading through Literature. Wader Study 123 (3): 255-256.

Cartwright, S. J., Bowgen, K. M., Collop, C, Hyder, K., Nabe-Nielsen, J., Stafford, R, Stillman, R.A., Thorpe, R.B., Sibly, R.M. 2016. Communicating complex ecological models to nonscientist end users. Ecological Modelling 338: 51-59.

Bowgen, K. M., Stillman, R. A., Herbert, R. J. H. (2015) Predicting the effect of invertebrate regime shifts on wading birds: Insights from Poole Harbour, UK. Biological Conservation 186: 60-68.

Liu, Y., Webber, S., Bowgen, K., Schmaltz, L., Bradley, K., Halvarsson, P., Abdelgadir, M. & Griesser, M. 2013. Environmental factors influence both abundance and genetic diversity in a widespread bird species. Ecology and Evolution 3 (14), 4683-4695.

Griesser M., Ma Q., Webber S., Bowgen K., Sumpter DJT. 2011. Understanding animal groupsize distributions PLoS ONE 6 (8): e23438.