Máire Kirkland

Research Ecologist

Máire is a Research Ecologist in the International Team assisting in the analysis and development of a range of BTO datasets.

Interests & Responsibilities

Máire has a diverse background in both field and desk-based ecological research, exploring different topics ranging from the sustainability of hunting and fishing in Indigenous Amazonian communities to the drivers of wildlife tourism and protected area visitation. These days, she specialises in using quantitative modelling techniques to answer complex ecological questions. 

As a Research Ecologist, Maire is involved in the analysis of existing datasets, the development of new geospatial and remote sensing datasets, and the publication of research results. She is currently analysing survival of oystercatchers on the Wash with Phil Atkinson and Rob Robinson. Other projects will include exploring the role of wetlands in reducing the occurrence and intensity of wildfires across a number of Endangered Landscape Programme projects with Phil Atkinson and Adham Ashton-Butt.

When she’s not working, Máire spends a lot of her time outdoors climbing, hiking, or looking for and photographing wildlife. 


BSc Biology and Anthropology (joint hons), MSc Conservation, PhD: the global drivers of wildlife tourism and its future potential in a changing world.  

Recent BTO Publications

Kirkland, M., Atkinson, P.W., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., De Jong, M., Dowling, T.P.F., Grummoe, D., Critchley, M. & Ashton-Butt, A. 2023. Landscape fires disproportionally affect areas of conservation priority but only under low moisture conditions. Science of The Total Environment 884 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2023.163849)

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