Juliet Vickery

Chief Executive Officer

Juliet is responsible for leading the work of the Trust, under the governance and strategy of the Board.

Interests & Responsibilities

Juliet has enjoyed a varied career in conservation science in academia and the environmental NGO sector. Starting as a DPhil student at Oxford studying Dippers and going on to complete a post doc at the University of East Anglia on Brent Geese before taking up a lectureship at the University of Edinburgh.

After a short spell of time with Scottish Natural Heritage Juliet spent ten years at BTO as Head of The Terrestrial Ecology Unit, leading the BTO’s work on the Ecology and Conservation of farmland birds. Her most recent post, before returning to BTO, was as Head of International Conservation Science at the RSPB.

She held this position for 11 years, leading a team of scientists delivering evidence to underpin the conservation of species and sites around the world, most notably west Africa, The UK’s overseas territories and South East Asia.

Juliet chaired the Policy Committee of the British Ecological Society for nine years, reflecting her commitment to translating science into action and making the science needed accessible to decision makers. She is currently President of the British Ornithologists’ Union and a member of the Government’s Darwin Expert Committee.

She sits on the Cambridge Conservation Initiative Steering Group, the Steering Committee for the Cambridge University’s Masters in Conservation Leadership and the Student Conference on Conservation Science.

She is an Honorary Professor at the School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, and an Honorary Research Fellow in the Conservation Science Group, University of Cambridge.

She has been awarded the BOU Ibis Award (2006) for her work on farmland birds, the BTO Marsh Award (2018) for her contribution to ornithology and the BES Award (2020) for her contribution to the Society .

Other Information

Out of work, Juliet spends a lot of time swimming, cycling, running and birding on her local patch of Cambridgeshire fenland.


Juliet did her degree (1984) and her DPhil (1989) at University of Oxford, a post doc at University of East Anglia and then took up a lectureship at University of Edinburgh.

Recent BTO Publications

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