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Help with research into garden wildlife by joining our Garden BirdWatch community

  • BTO has run the year-round Garden BirdWatch scheme since 1995, and thousands of people across the UK contribute their sightings each week.
  • Gardens are really important habitats for wildlife, but we need to understand how and why populations of garden birds and other wildlife are changing, and how we can help them.
  • You can help by keeping a simple list and telling us which species visit each week, helping us learn about how wildlife uses the food, shelter and other resources in our gardens.
  • The more we can understand about how birds and animals use our gardens, the more we can improve our cities, towns, villages and individual gardens for wildlife.  
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Time / skill required

  • As much as you like, but a minimum of 20 minutes per week recommended.
  • Can identify common garden birds by sight.
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Project timeline, contributions & findings

Project timeline

  • Jan 1995 - Garden BirdWatch recording begins
  • Dec 2010 - Big Garden Beakwatch Survey launched
  • Dec 2011 - Abnormal Plumage Survey launched
  • Jan 2014 - Garden Wildlife Health project launched 

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