Gardens and wildlife

Garden wildlife

Here you can find detailed information on gardens and their wildlife. As well as information about the many different species that use our gardens (such as birds, amphibians, reptiles and butterflies), you'll also find sections on bird behaviour, disease and ecology that look across groups of species.

Garden habitats

Most gardens are isolated from what we would regard as natural habitats and are, instead, often surrounded by other gardens. The habitats they do contain are often only present at a small scale, although once you add neighbouring gardens together, you can end up with a substantial patch of suitable habitat. Find out more>>>

Wildlife gardening

Here you'll find advice on how to improve the wildlife value of your garden. Drawing upon published research we'll highlight different approaches to wildlife gardening and examine key methods, such as planting shrubs for nesting cover, building a pond, constructing a butterfly mound, etc. Find out more>>>

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