Paper or online

Entering online or on paper - the choice is yours

If you choose to record your birds and other garden wildlife for us then you have the option to either send these records in on our paper count forms or by using GBW online. It does not matter which route you select, both methods are equally valuable. Also, you don't have to stick with your decisions; you can swap between the two whenever you like (though do tell us as we'll need to send you paper forms if that is what you prefer to use).

Currently, just over half of all participants send their records in by using the online system. The online system is a bit like having an electronic diary, in that you can also use it to call up any of the records you have submitted previously (regardless of whether they came in on paper or through the online system). The online system also has greater flexibility and you can enter more detail about what you have seen than on the paper forms. For example, while you can use the paper forms to tell us whether or not you had a Bullfinch in your garden, you can only add a count through the online system. This is because there is only a limited amount of space on the paper forms and so only the most common species nationally have space for recording count information.

Find out more about the paper forms and the online system.