Changing printer settings

In order to print the Information leaflet, you may need to adjust your printer settings. The settings will vary slightly according to your printer and browser, so unfortunately we are not able to provide precise instructions. These guidelines highlight two common problems with the printer settings that you may need to be aware of.

  1. The leaflet will not fit on two pages

The information leaflet on this website is A4 size, and should fit on two sides of A4 paper. Most printers will normally be set to print to this size. 

If this is not the case, you may need to adjust the settings to increase or decrease the size of the image that is printed. In some printer settings, there will be a button or tickbox labelled “Fit to Size”, “Shrink Oversized Pages” or something similar. Alternatively, there may be an option to scale the size of the document, e.g. “Adjust to xx% of normal size”. By adjusting the size you should be able to fit the document onto two pages.

  1. The back pages are the wrong way up

If your printer is able to do double sided printing, the printer settings may result in the back pages of the leaflet being printed upside down (i.e. the opposite way up to the front pages).

If this occurs, you should amend the printer settings for double sided printing to “Flip on short edge”. In some cases, the options may be worded differently, e.g. “Binding Position”, but will still need to be changed from ‘Long edge’ to ‘Short edge’.

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