The Garden Nesting Survey (GNS)

The Garden Nesting Survey is one of a suite of projects which was carried out in summer 2010, under the BTO Nesting Neighbours banner.  We ran the survey in an attempt to find out which birds were nesting in gardens across Britain and Ireland.

View the results of the survey on the Garden Nesting Survey Results Page.

The survey has demonstrated the importance of gardens as a nesting habitat for a wide range of different species and revealed some interesting patterns in species’ nesting habits.


We are very grateful to the John Spedan Lewis Foundation and Gardenature (who helped to fund the set-up of this survey).

Current nest monitoring projects

If you enjoyed taking part in the survey, or are interesting in getting involved with looking for nesting birds in your garden or further afield, consider becoming a Nest Record Scheme or Nesting Neighbours volunteer. Taking part in these BTO projects contributes to our understanding of the breeding behaviour and success of our birds

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