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Citizen science in the UK's biggest nature reserve: our gardens. Gardenwatch helped us understand how gardens can help our wildlife thrive.

Gardenwatch was a collaborative project between BTO and the Springwatch team that ran during BBC Springwatch 2019. We asked you to tell us about your garden and its wildlife so we could build a comprehensive picture of how gardens can help UK wildlife species to thrive in the future.

Together, the UK’s gardens cover a larger area than Suffolk and so arguably form our most important nature reserve. As towns and cities become more densely populated and expand into the wider countryside, gardens are becoming an increasingly vital refuge for wildlife. But which birds, mammals, invertebrates and other wildlife do we share our gardens with, and why? And more importantly, what can we do to help support them?

We carried out the UK’s biggest ever garden audit, building a picture of the resources available for wildlife in gardens up and down the country, and surveying some of the wild visitors they attract.

View the findings from Gardenwatch below.

Time / skill required

  • A minimum of 20 minutes spent on each Gardenwatch mission was recommended.
  • You needed to be able to identify our 10 most common garden birds by sight.
  • Download the helpful resource PDFs for each mission.
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Gardenwatch results

Discover all the results from Gardenwatch, with full maps to download.

How you can help wildlife in your garden

If you've enjoyed taking part in Gardenwatch, find out what to do next, with our helpful guides on key species.

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