How to help the wildlife in your garden

BTO has monitored wildlife populations continuously for decades, meaning the UK has the richest accumulated knowledge of birds in the world. By contributing to Gardenwatch you have given us new data to use alongside what we already have, to help further understand the value of gardens to our wildlife. It is important that we continue to collect information on garden wildlife to see how this changes over time. If you have enjoyed participating in Gardenwatch, perhaps you would also enjoy becoming a participant for our weekly garden wildlife monitoring scheme, Garden BirdWatch? Here is some more informaton about Garden BirdWatch and other ways you can help your garden wildlife further. 

BTO volunteer taking part in a survey. David Tipling
Tracking changes

BTO's core work is tracking how changes to our environment affect our wildlife, not just in gardens but in the wider countryside too. By telling us what you see through one of our surveys or schemes, you'll be helping to monitor how well wildlife is coping with change.

Featured project

Garden BirdWatch

Take Part

We think you'll love the Garden BirdWatch scheme. It has been going for nearly 25 years with around 12,000 people telling us what birds and other wildlife are using their garden. By watching weekly, our Garden BirdWatch supporters really get to understand how the seasons affect wildlife use and the rhythms and dramas that are happening right on your doorstep.

There is a modest subscription fee to cover the cost of running the scheme. Supporters receive a quarterly magazine and a wonderful free book when you join.

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