Mission 3 - Bird detective

Is your outdoor space providing the resources birds need to breed (including food, shelter, water and nesting sites)? Watching what birds are doing, their behaviour, can provide the answers. We need your help to find evidence of how common garden birds benefit from our outdoor spaces at this critical time of year. Don’t forget to report back – your observations can help us understand how we can better support the birds and other wildlife on our doorsteps.

Goldfinch. Neil Schofield
Busy birdies - what are your garden birds getting up to?

Blue Tit. Sarah Kelman

Whether you have a tiny balcony, huge garden or park across the road - anyone can take part! We want people to spend a little bit of time watching the birds in their outdoor space, with a particular focus on 10 common garden bird species.  Are they using feeders, visiting a nest in the eaves, perched in the bushes or splashing about in the bird bath?  We are asking people to collect evidence of birds doing these types of behaviours and, in doing so, help us better understand how garden habitats benefit these species.

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