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Press releases

Date No.
August 2015 Calling all photographers - Bird Photographer of the Year 2015-36
July 2015 Some respite for Britain's birds 2015-32
July 2015 Golden Plover in trouble but Siskin and warblers thrive across Scotland 2015-31
July 2015 Meadow Pipits get a break 2015-30
July 2015 Stonechats bounce back in Wales 2015-29
July 2015 Research delivers new tools for understanding why Britain’s bird populations are in decline 2015-27
July 2015 Bird scientists go batty in Norfolk 2015-35
June 2015 BTO's longest-running census goes online 2015-28
June 2015 Eight more Cuckoos join the fight for their species 2015-26
June 2015 Over 7 million* schoolchildren are being asked to get their hands dirty for science 2015-25
June 2015 European birds at risk of extinction 2015-25a
June 2015 Novel research will unravel Europe-wide patterns of bird migration and distribution 2015-24
May 2015 Warm weather boost for butterflies 2015-22
May 2015 House Martin help needed in Northern Ireland 2015-20
May 2015 House Martin help needed in Scotland 2015-21
May 2015 New research to help farmland birds 2015-19
April 2015 Britain’s most famous Cuckoo is back! 2015-18
April 2015 BTO Cuckoos are back! 2015-16
April 2015 New report highlights the value of the UK's wetlands 2015-14
April 2015 Offshore wind farm risk to seabirds varies between years 2015-15
April 2015 What's happening to Buckinghamshire's Dunnocks? 2015-13
April 2015 Norfolk and Suffolk asked to go 'batty' 2015-11
April 2015 Garden Long-tailed Tits buck the trend 2015-12
March 2015 Starlings are disappearing in Greater Manchester 2015-10
March 2015 Garden BirdWatchers deliver a staggering 20 years of citizen science 2015-09
March 2015 Good news for garden birds 2015-08
February 2015 Chasing a changing climate 2015-07
February 2015 Citizen science boxers fight climate change 2015-06
February 2015 Don’t be late for the table! Fast food is favoured by urban gulls 2015-05
January 2015 Missing: Garden Finches 2015-04