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Press releases

Date No.
April 2020 National community of garden birdwatchers offers people the opportunity to stay connected to nature from home 2020-09
March 2020 The early bird counts the worms 2020-06
February 2020 Building for bats in an urban world 2020-04
February 2020 It’s official – the Wren is our commonest bird 2020-03
January 2020 The 2019 breeding season; a year to remember for Blackcaps and Blue Tits 2020-02
December 2019 Where are all the Turtle Doves and Partridges? 2019-40
December 2019 Scottish owl tracked to Morocco's 'oyster capital' 2019-39
November 2019 Glimmers of hope for UK's wild birds 2019-38
October 2019 Gardenwatch; first findings on how we can improve our gardens for wildlife 2019-33
October 2019 UK wetlands get a health check 2019-32
September 2019 Independent review finds charity delivering remarkable impact 2019-27
September 2019 Wildlife and wind farms: Are British gulls staying safe in the winter sun? 2019-26
September 2019 Fifty years of citizen science shows a positive response to climate change by a third of English breeding birds 2019-25
August 2019 British scientists working with local conservationists to track the fortunes of Cuckoos in Mongolia 2019-23
July 2019 Increases in generalist predator populations are associated with Pheasant releases 2019-21
June 2019 Scientists follow amazing Cuckoos on their journey to Africa 2019-19
May 2019 Boom time at Britain's bird feeders 2019-18
May 2019 Greenfinches disappearing in Northern Ireland 2019-13
May 2019 Scottish Starlings struggle 2019-12
May 2019 Iconic Welsh bird disappearing 2019-11
May 2019 UK's birds hit by weather double whammy in 2018 2019-10
April 2019 Volunteer efforts yield new insights into Britain and Ireland's birds 2019-15
February 2019 Leading scientists call for UK funding body to recognise high impact of conservation research 2019-07
February 2019 Edinburgh primary school children receive award for citizen science. 2019-06
February 2019 Thetford postcode with a winning view 2019-05
February 2019 Britain needs more holes 2019-02
January 2019 Collaborative project aims to shed new light on breeding waders in the east Cairngorms 2019-04
January 2019 Britain's owls need twenty minutes 2019-01
November 2018 Sparrows thriving in Scotland 2018-32