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Press releases

Date No.
March 2021 Survey of UK's coast highlights change in wintering waterbird populations 2021-08
March 2021 New partnership formed to save England’s threatened Curlews 2021-06
February 2021 Voluntary move away from lead ammunition shows little progress 2021-05
February 2021 Opening up the hidden world of bats, bush-crickets and small mammals 2021-01
February 2021 The BB/BTO Best Bird Book of the Year 2020 2021-04
February 2021 Young wildlife enthusiasts to get much needed equipment in brand new scheme 2021-02
November 2020 New study identifies woodland management practices that are good for Britain’s bats 2020-34
December 2020 Love in the time of lockdown - no apparent boom for breeding songbirds 2020-40
October 2020 Wader expert wins top ornithological award 2020-32
October 2020 ‘Puffarazzi’ scientist wins prestigious award 2020-31
October 2020 Scottish Ornithologists’ Club recognised with prestigious award 2020-30
October 2020 Glasgow youngster wins top ornithology award. 2020-29
October 2020 Swiss scientist receives prestigious international award 2020-28
October 2020 New patronage to support BTO communities and engage people with the natural world 2020-26
December 2020 Hidden world of mice, voles and shrews revealed by new approach. 2020-39
September 2020 Drones can be a source of disturbance to wintering waterbird flocks 2020-21
April 2020 Do you have birds nesting in your garden? 2020-10
March 2020 Northern Ireland’s seabirds get an annual health check. 2020-07
March 2020 Spring programme of talks at the British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford 2020-05
December 2020 Europe's breeding birds get long-overdue stocktake 2020-38
December 2020 New report reveals good news for rare breeding birds 2020-37
November 2020 New study identifies woodland management practices that are good for Britain’s bats 2020-34
November 2020 Blue Tits missing from our gardens following spring heatwave 2020-35
November 2020 Citizen scientists help lift the lid on one of our nearest avian neighbours 2020-25
September 2020 Suffolk Cuckoo's Atlantic odyssey 2020-24
August 2020 Families asked to monitor garden birds this summer - with the chance to get creative 2020-23
July 2020 Ringing report shines light on some amazing birds 2020-22
July 2020 BTO names its new Chief Executive 2020-20
June 2020 The seabird colony vanishes 2020-19