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Press releases

Date No.
May 2018 Calling all young birders 2018-14
April 2018 Finches up and down in Northern Ireland 2018-11
April 2018 Welsh icon is back 2018-13
April 2018 Declining summer visitor doing well in Scotland 2018-12
April 2018 A northern powerhouse for UK songbirds 2018-10
March 2018 Wales - What's under your wellies 2018-09
March 2018 BTO Heronries Census - 90 not out 2018-08
March 2018 Feed the birds? Scientists highlight risks of disease at garden bird feeders 2018-07
March 2018 Nationwide school science programme helps scientists discover effects of climate change on soils 2018-06
March 2018 New wildlife guides to grow interest in the Brecks 2018-05
March 2018 World's fastest bird making a comeback 2018-04
January 2018 National Nest Box Week 2018 2018-02
January 2018 Summer is winging its way towards Britain 2018-01
December 2017 Britain's birds - winners and losers 2017-41
December 2017 Biggest-ever influx of one of our smallest garden birds 2017-39
December 2017 Report reveals the effect of a changing climate on the UK’s birds 2017-38
November 2017 Does the early bird catch the caterpillar? 2017-37
September 2017 Wind farms and biodiversity: are they on a collision course? 2017-30
August 2017 If you go down to the woods today 2017-24
July 2017 Managing change is the name of the game for nature conservation under a warmer climate.  2017-23
July 2017 Best summer ever for Hummingbird Hawk-moths? 2017-21
June 2017 Schoolchildren gearing up for the big dig 2017-18
April 2017 Red-listed thrushes turn to gardens 2017-13
March 2017 Over-half of the world’s curlew and godwit species face extinction from habitat loss and other pressures.  2017-10
February 2017 New housing will impact bat populations 2017-09
February 2017 A missing predator: Sparrowhawks absent from gardens this winter 2017-08
February 2017 Twenty years of National Nest Box Week 2017-04
January 2017 Gull decline on Scottish island linked to decline in fishing discards 2017-03
January 2017 Sounding them out: a unique conservation tool for monitoring bush-crickets 2017-02
January 2017 Why are you still awake? Rise in Hedgehog sightings due to late start to winter 2017-01