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Press releases

Date No.
November 2017 Does the early bird catch the caterpillar? 2017-37
September 2017 Wind farms and biodiversity: are they on a collision course? 2017-30
August 2017 If you go down to the woods today 2017-24
July 2017 Managing change is the name of the game for nature conservation under a warmer climate.  2017-23
July 2017 Best summer ever for Hummingbird Hawk-moths? 2017-21
June 2017 Schoolchildren gearing up for the big dig 2017-18
April 2017 Red-listed thrushes turn to gardens 2017-13
March 2017 Over-half of the world’s curlew and godwit species face extinction from habitat loss and other pressures.  2017-10
February 2017 New housing will impact bat populations 2017-09
February 2017 A missing predator: Sparrowhawks absent from gardens this winter 2017-08
February 2017 Twenty years of National Nest Box Week 2017-04
January 2017 Gull decline on Scottish island linked to decline in fishing discards 2017-03
January 2017 Sounding them out: a unique conservation tool for monitoring bush-crickets 2017-02
January 2017 Why are you still awake? Rise in Hedgehog sightings due to late start to winter 2017-01
December 2016 Breeding birds struggle with wet 2016 2016-43
December 2016 Blue Tits missing from gardens after washout summer 2016-44
October 2016 Smartbirds - understanding how gulls behave through high-tech backpacks 2016-38
September 2016 The Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder of the Year 2016-37
August 2016 British Trust for Ornithology Press Statement - Pennine Grouse Moor survey report 2016-35
July 2016 Forget Boaty McBoatface – Flappy McFlapperson is on the move 2016-34
July 2016 Satellite-tracking study links population declines to Cuckoo's choice of migration route 2016-33
July 2016 A Devon Cuckoo Needs a Name 2016-31
July 2016 A Hampshire Cuckoo needs a name 2016-32
July 2016 Tagging unlocks the secret lives of St Ives’ gulls 2016-30
July 2016 Welsh Yellowhammers in long-term decline 2016-29
July 2016 Winning Willow Warblers 2016-28
July 2016 Scotland's warblers doing well 2016-26
July 2016 Turtle Dove population in a tailspin 2016-27
June 2016 Cuckoo class of 2016 Backpack carrying birds helping to help save their own kind 2016-23
June 2016 Northern bird found to be more resilient to winter weather 2016-24