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Press releases

Date No.
October 2014 Bird Atlas team scoop RSPB's most prestigious award 2014-61
October 2014 Red Admiral resurgence in gardens 2014-62
June 2014 How clever are the Rooks in your garden? 2014-34
October 2014 Don't miss the Garden Wildlife Conference in Cambridgeshire 2014-55
September 2014 Are Lincolnshire gardens a haven for migrants? 2014-53
September 2014 Will they stay or will they go? Records of garden birds needed in this remarkable year. 2014-54
August 2014 A tale of three wagtails; familiar species in decline 2014-50
August 2014 Welsh House Sparrows buck the trend 2014-48
August 2014 Linnet low in Northern Ireland 2014-51
August 2014 Aerial feeders in Scotland 2014-49
August 2014 Robins take a break from gardens thanks to extremely mild weather 2014-52
July 2014 Wading birds feeling the strain on Northern Ireland’s estuaries 2014-42
July 2014 Mixed fortunes for wading birds on Welsh estuaries 2014-44
July 2014 Wading birds feeling the strain on Scotland’s estuaries 2014-43
July 2014 Wading birds feeling the strain on England’s estuaries 2014-41
July 2014 Wading birds feeling the strain on UK estuaries 2014-45
July 2014 Norfolk Bat Survey honoured for inspiring the county 2014-47
July 2014 Chris the Cuckoo waves goodbye to Britain again 2014-37
June 2014 Birds and Climate Change - A global review of the impact of climate change on birds 2014-36
June 2014 Cash for Cuckoos 2014-35
June 2014 Good spring for Cornwall's Greenfinches? 2014-33
June 2014 The oldest of its kind 2014-32
June 2014 Fifteen winged saviours take to the air 2014-31
May 2014 Two globe-trotting Cuckoos return to the Broads 2014-30
May 2014 Satellite-tagged Cuckoo returns to Scotland for third summer 2014-29
May 2014 To feed or not to feed - that is the question 2014-28
April 2014 Famous Cuckoo makes it back to the UK against all the odds 2014-27
April 2014 A novel approach to monitoring bats 2014-26
April 2014 Scientists hold their breath for the return of a very special Cuckoo called Chris 2014-25
April 2014 Norfolk asked to go 'batty' 2014-23