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Press releases

Date No.
June 2016 Cuckoo class of 2016 Backpack carrying birds helping to help save their own kind 2016-23
June 2016 Northern bird found to be more resilient to winter weather 2016-24
June 2016 Work begins on the Nunnery Lakes Discovery Trail in Thetford thanks to Tesco’s Bags of Help campaign 2016-17
June 2016 Calling all young birders 2016-16
June 2016 Want to attract Goldfinches? Sunflower hearts are the answer! 2016-20
June 2016 The sad demise of Stanley 2016-19
May 2016 Unusual number of birds in gardens during April cold snap 2016-18
April 2016 Great Cuckoo Expectations 2016-15
March 2016 Poor weather hits garden birds 2016-14
March 2016 Help needed for House Martins 2016-07
March 2016 Cheating Cuckoo scoops book award 2016-09
March 2016 People in southern Scotland asked to go batty 2016-11
March 2016 Schoolchildren unearth interesting playing field results 2016-12
February 2016 Shoppers vote for local charities to get bags of help 2016-10
February 2016 Britain needs more nest boxes 2016-05
January 2016 Don't miss the Garden and Urban Wildlife Conference in Durham 2016-04
January 2016 Tawny Owls missing from gardens 2015-62
January 2016 Sudden freezing weather drove birds into gardens 2016-08
January 2016 RAF Honington personnel help clear the way for a new woodland 2016-06
January 2016 Are sunflower hearts the secret to attracting garden Goldfinches? 2016-03
January 2016 Fifty years counting ducks 2016-02
January 2016 British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) become Migration Festival Partner 2016-01
December 2015 Curlews and other upland birds are in decline 2015-60
December 2015 The north bears the brunt of a bad breeding season 2015-59
November 2015 Want to be Young Bird Photographer of the Year? 2015-58
November 2015 Cambridgeshire scientist wins prestigious national award 2015-55
November 2015 Marsh Award for Local Ornithology - Devon man receives prestigious national award 2015-57
November 2015 UK bird populations benefitting from innovative partnerships 2015-56
November 2015 Budding birder bags brilliant ornithology award. 2015-53
November 2015 Calling all gardens with Goldfinches 2015-52