SOSS Steering Group

We would like to thank all SOSS steering group members for their valuable contributions to SOSS work. The steering group was made up of representatives of regulators, advisory bodies, and offshore wind farm developers, as well as the SOSS Secretariat. Some offshore wind farm developers chose to nominate consultants to attend in their place. Steering group members guided the identification and prioritisation of SOSS work, and advised on the development of scopes of work and project outputs.

SOSS Secretariat partner
SOSS Secretariat partner
SOSS Secretariat partner
SOSS Secretariat partner
Centrica (or nominated consultant RES)
Developer – Irish Sea
Developer – Burbo Bank & Walney Extension sites, Wigtown Bay
E.ON (or nominated consultant Natural Power)
Developer – Southern Array, Solway Firth
Developer – East Anglia
Developer – Teesside
Eneco (or nominated consultant PMSS)
Developer – West Isle of Wight
Developer – Dogger Bank
Mainstream Renewable Power (or nominated consultant Pelagica)
Developer – Hornsea, Neart na Gaoithe
RWE npower renewables (or nominated consultant GoBe)
Developer – Atlantic Array
Developer – Argyll Array, East Anglia
SeaEnergy (or nominated consultant Natural Power)
Developer – Moray Firth, Beatrice, Inch Cape
SSE (or nominated consultant AMEC or ECON)
Developer – Firth of Forth, Islay, Beatrice
Developer - Dudgeon

Organisations represented on the SOSS Steering Group

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