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Welcome to the BTO Acoustic Pipeline Support Hub. Here you can find guides, technical requirements, information about equipment and other resources to help you maximise the Pipeline’s performance. 

Quick start guides

Step-by-step guides to processing audible and ultrasound recordings for users new to the Acoustic Pipeline.

Technical requirements

Account, hardware and software, file name and audio equipment requirements for using the Pipeline. 

Recorder placement

Guidance for maximising recording quality based on the placement of recorders and bat detectors. 

Improving performance

Advice to help you optimise Pipeline performance for different locations, habitats and species.

Common recording equipment

Information for maximising performance, specific to a range of common recorders and bat detectors.

Auditing your recordings

Guidelines for auditing identifications returned by the Pipeline, including facilitating rapid auditing.


Support for the most common error messages and troubleshooting queries. 

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Support Hub, please email us at
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