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BTO offers several products and services that work alongside the Acoustic Pipeline to help provide an end-to-end workflow for acoustic monitoring.

Acoustic Pipeline Tools

The Acoustic Pipeline Tools is a Shiny application predominantly designed to assist with data management before and after using the Pipeline.

The Toolbox provides an easy-to-use interface to move audio clips into species folders on the basis of identifications returned by the Pipeline. Users can choose from various strategies for copying files e.g. top scoring detections or random samples, to manage manual verification.

For users of Batlogger recorders, the Toolbox can rename audio files with date/time/location information, providing easier downstream auditing.

  • The Toolbox is free to download and use. 
  • It requires an up-to-date local installation of the free statistical computing program R.
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Clip Verification App

The Clip Verification App is a Shiny application designed to allow the manual verification of short audio clips that have been processed by the Acoustic Pipeline. 

It currently works for audible-range recordings only, not ultrasonic recordings. For each clip in a folder, it allows the user to view a spectrogram, play the sound and perform verification actions e.g. True/False/Unknown. It is fully customisable and can perform clip-level labelling.

  • The App is free to download and use.
  • It requires an up-to-date local installation of the free statistical computing program R.
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Square Signup

The Square Signup system is a web-based application for managing citizen science surveys. It allows users to reserve a grid square to be surveyed as part of an organised scheme or survey.

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Online Equipment Booking

The Online Equipment Booking system allows users to reserve equipment e.g. acoustic recorders, for use in citizen science projects.

  • It can be fully integrated with the Acoustic Pipeline and Square Signup system so that users have a streamlined experience using this suite of products.
  • It has been used very successfully in a number of BTO and partner projects such as the Norfolk Bat Survey and Bailiwick Bat Survey.

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