Turtle Dove. Photograph by Tom Streeter

Make our Science Count

The decision our country made to leave the European Union fundamentally changed the nature of our relationship with Europe’s strong environmental credentials. More than ever, BTO’s scientific excellence and reputation for sound, evidence-based advice is needed.

At the launch of the 2016 State of Nature Report, the Secretary of State for the Environment recognised Brexit as both a challenge and an opportunity. The Government’s priorities are transforming EU environmental legislation into strong protection for wildlife, and including better outcomes for wildlife in UK agri-environment support.

With your support, BTO is very well-placed to make our science count! 

We must continue to be a strong voice informing future environmental policy with evidence. Not only to ensure that we do not lose the protection birds and their habitats have enjoyed for so many years, but to increase that protection. To make the UK a shining example of what one country can do to ensure that its human population can co-exist with its environment and the birdlife that depends on it.

 - Andy Clements, BTO Director

How you can make a difference

This appeal is now closed to donations, but you can still support our work:

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