Short-eared Owl tracking Appeal

Short-eared Owls are an amazing species, and a sighting is a magical experience. They can be nomadic, breeding almost prolifically in some years and areas, yet in others appearing to be absent. Sadly, they seem to be declining.

The reasons underlying these changes have been a mystery. However, we are now in position to begin to understand them with the BTO Short-eared Owl tracking project. With further research we will be able to work towards securing their future.

To fulfil the potential of this work, and ensure valid information is available to those who can apply the findings to help Short-eared Owls, we need financial support. The next three years expenditure will be £97,000. This will cover tagging costs, fieldwork at different sites, analyses of results and subsequent publication. Each satellite tag costs £2,000 to buy and the annual data costs are £1,000.

Read more on the current progress of the Short-eared Owl tracking project.

Please help us to carry out this important research work by making a donation today.

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