Farmland Bird Appeal

BTO supporters identified farmland birds as their top topic of concern. This appeal raised funds to support our ongoing programme of work on issues related to farmland birds, including the effects of agri-environment scheme management.

This appeal is now closed to donations, but you can still support our work:

Farmland bird declines are not a new issue but many species, including Skylark, are still disappearing and others are showing no sign of recovery. Our farmland birds continue to struggle despite the measures that have been implemented to halt their declines. More research is urgently needed to understand why there has only been limited success so far. 

Our goal

We want to carry out the second generation of research to find solutions that work for farmland birds, and farmers, to reverse the declines. We hope to identify how farmland birds are using the agri-environment scheme (AES) measures that have been designed to help them and find out why they aren't leading to the expected recoveries of farmland bird populations.  

How are birds adapting and interacting with changing land-use, climate, predators, competitors, parasites and disease? What is it about some options that produces negative effects on Skylarks? Are features being used as they were designed to be used? How is breeding success being affected by novel croping, land-use and management?

Using new and novel techniques, such as tracking and camera trapping, and by combining the BTO's traditional strengths of volunteer-led and professional science, we aim to find out.

Your comments 

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to respond to us by email and letter following the launch of the Farmland Appeal. It's not been possible to reply to each and every one one of these individually but we have put together a page which looks at the most frequently raised issues

How you can help

This appeal is now closed to donations, but you can still support our work:

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