Get involved in Northern Ireland

By participating in BTO schemes and surveys you can put your birding skills to good use, helping us to understand how Northern Ireland's bird populations are changing and why.

We have a broad range of participation opportunities - you can get involved in your garden, urban greenspace, at wetland sites or while out exploring Northern Ireland's wilder places.

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Chiffchaff by Paul Newton

Time / skill needed:
  • Undertake three site visits between April and June - a recce and two morning visits, along with data entry.
  • Able to identify UK breeding birds by sight, song and call.

WeBS counting. Photograph by Teresa Frost

Time / skill needed:
  • One visit per month, preferably on the Sunday Core Count priority date.
  • Identify waterbirds that regularly occur at your allocated WeBS site.

Fieldfare. Liz Cutting

Garden BirdWatch

Help with research into garden wildlife by joining our Garden BirdWatch community.

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Time / skill needed:
  • As much as you like, but a minimum of 20 minutes per week recommended.
  • Can identify common garden birds by sight.

Long-tailed Tit nest. Photograph by Elspeth Rowe

Nest Record Scheme

Nest Record Scheme participants gather vital information on the breeding success of Britain's birds by following the progress of individual nests.

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Time / skill needed:
  • A few minutes on a nest in a garden to a full time project in the field.
  • Count eggs and chicks in nests by following the Code of Conduct.

Grey Heron. Photograph by John Harding

Time / skill needed:
  • Each visit requires 10 minutes to 1 hour excluding travelling time.
  • Suitable for beginners - identify herons/cormorants and count occupied nests.

Greenfinch in the hand having its wing measured, by Dawn Balmer

Time / skill needed:
  • It usually takes a year or more, ringing regularly with qualified ringers, to obtain a ringing permit.
  • Basic bird identification skills and reasonable dexterity are required.

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