BTO Northern Ireland press releases

Press stories relating to Northern Ireland and the work of BTO Northern Ireland.

Date Title No.
May 2024 Breeding Bird Survey celebrates 30 years of citizen science in Northern Ireland 2024-18
December 2023 Declining seabirds on a cliff edge 2023-30
March 2022 Northern Ireland’s seabirds experience mixed fortunes: Rathlin’s cliffs are groaning with Guillemots but Fulmar are in free-fall. 2022-08
March 2021 Survey of UK's coast highlights change in wintering waterbird populations 2021-08
December 2020 New report reveals good news for rare breeding birds 2020-37
May 2020 Woodland singer goes through the roof in Northern Ireland 2020-15
March 2020 Northern Ireland’s seabirds get an annual health check. 2020-07
July 2019 Increases in generalist predator populations are associated with Pheasant releases 2019-21
May 2019 Greenfinches disappearing in Northern Ireland 2019-13
August 2018 Bird Surveyors help to shed new light on changing mammal populations 2018-22
April 2018 Finches up and down in Northern Ireland 2018-11
December 2017 Report reveals the effect of a changing climate on the UK’s birds 2017-38
September 2017 Wind farms and biodiversity: are they on a collision course? 2017-30
July 2016 Winning Willow Warblers 2016-28
September 2015 Northern Irish school gets to name its own Cuckoo 2015-45
August 2015 BIRD PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR – competition now open for entries 2015-39
July 2015 Meadow Pipits get a break 2015-30
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