Pochard sex ratio assessment

Pochard by Neil Calbrade
07 Jan 2016
Pochard is a widespread winter visitor and rather more local breeder. However, populations across Europe have been in decline in recent years and Pochard is now listed as Vulnerable on the European Red List of Birds. To better understand the reasons behind the decline, the Duck Specialist Group is carrying out a survey of the sex ratios of wintering birds in January 2016.
Records logged in BirdTrack will be used by the survey organisers. To maximise the value of your Pochard records, please include the total flock size and the number of male and female birds that were identified and counted (this may be less than the total flock size). If possible, add the precise location using the 'Pinpoint' feature. Additional useful information will be a description of that area via the 'Habitat' option using the following terms: 'small waterbody (pond or tarn)', 'natural lake', 'reservoir', 'gravel pit', 'river' and coastal bay/lagoon (salt water)'.
The main focus of the survey is on January 2016, but historical records are also being sought. These are valuable in establishing patterns in male and female ratios of Common Pochard. When adding or editing your historical records, please use the guidelines above.