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BTO members receive our exciting, full-colour 24-30 page magazine BTO News regularly throughout the year and supplemented with the Annual Review magazine and Volunteer, both of which are published annually. Full of all the latest results of surveys, BTO News keeps you informed of the work of the Trust and related topical issues concerning birds and the environment, all illustrated with stunning photographs. See how your records from Bird Atlas 2007-11, BBS (Breeding Bird Survey), BirdTrack and all the other BTO surveys are used, and how vital they are for our work – and what amazing research they allow us to undertake. Find out about other BTO research, new surveys and how you can help.

Each feature-packed issue also tells you the latest bird news, gives information on recently published books and lets you know of events, training courses and conferences around the country.

In the last couple of issues we have featured articles on the importance of bird song, Tagged Lesser Black-backed Gulls reveal their migration secrets, focus on Hawfinch, seabird breeding season in 2013 and many, many others.

As a taster, get a preview of some of the articles in the most recent issue:

HIghlighting how Bird Atlas 2007-11 will inform future BTO science 

One of the early chapters in the recently published Bird Atlas 2007-11 focuses on major patterns that have emerged from the millions of records received from the volunteers who collected atlas data. These patterns are striking but, to enable BTO to research these patterns in more depth we will have to find funding. View a PDF of this article (PDF, 2.6 MB)

Cold spring turns clock back 50 years.

Who can forget the cold seemingly never-ending spring last year. Surely this must have had an impact on breeding birds around the country? The Nest Record Scheme follows individual nesting attempts of many species, and results from 2013 illustrate well the effect the weather had on our birds. View a PDF of this article (PDF, 2.47 MB).

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