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Garden BirdWatch (GBW) tells us about how birds and other wildlife use our gardens, answering questions that are becoming ever more relevant in our urbanised landscape. Funds from the GBW Appeal are ring-fenced for scientific research, allowing us to explore the wealth of information collected by GBW participants.

Appeal funds have been used to reveal that bird food provided in British gardens has helped Blackcaps to rapidly evolve a successful new migration route, the first time that garden bird feeding has been shown to affect large-scale bird distributions. In further work funded by the Appeal, we are currently analysing GBW records of butterflies to find out which species are thriving in gardens and which are declining.

Looking to the future, there are many exciting questions that we are hoping to answer, including:

  • What effect is urbanisation having on our wildlife? Can we use this information to predict the impacts of urban expansion and find better ways to plan for the growth of towns and cities?
  • How is our wildlife responding to a changing climate? Can we provide advice on how to manage gardens in ways that help wildlife to adapt?

By donating to the GBW Appeal you will directly support research into the needs of the wildlife that we see around us every day.

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