Garden stand-off

Have you ever wondered what might happen if a Grey Squirrel and a domestic cat decided to take each other on? Caroline Hall emailed us recently to let us know about a showdown that happened in her garden in September 2012.

If Caroline's observations are anything to go by, then battles of this kind may be tense, simmering affairs, rather than all out paw-to-paw combat. Neither party seemed keen on committing to physical confrontation, which is not surprising given the damage that each could do to the other. However, in this instance the cat, which was positioned on the garage roof, also probably did not want to risk one of its nine lives.

The squirrel attracted the cat's attention through its persistent attempts to break into Caroline's fortified peanut feeder. Caroline was alerted to the stand-off by the loud, angry chattering of the squirrel. The cat was singularly unperturbed and continued to stare down its opponent.

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