Nuthatch numbers creeping up

Nuthatches have reached a record high in gardens this year. Numbers logged during late summer have, especially, soared - GBW counts during August and early September 2012 have been nearly 50% higher than over the same period last year (see graph).

Nuthatches tend to peak in their use of gardens during late summer and early autumn, so do look out for this bird over the next few weeks. Peanuts - a food that is now shunned by many species in favour of other garden offerings - remain popular with this dextrous garden visitor.

Nuthatches are continuing their march into gardens in southern Scotland. Historically, the northern edge of this species’ range has been south of the Scottish border, with harsher climatic conditions further north constraining further spread. Our warming climate, coupled with food provided by wildlife-friendly householders, however, seems to be helping Nuthatches to shift their range northward.

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