Sussex Ornithological Society

The Sussex Ornithological Society


The Sussex Ornithological Society is now nearing its 50th birthday, having been formed on 17 February 1962 at a meeting in the Royal Pavilion, Brighton attended by young, keen Sussex birdwatchers such as B A E (Tony) Marr, Richard Porter, Chris Mead, Michael Shrubb and Tony Sheldon. SOS now has over 1600 members.

During its 48 year history it has published the Sussex Bird Report annually and, in 1996 “Birds of Sussex” a 592 page book, following on from the work SOS members carried out for the BTO Atlas of Breeding Birds between 1988-91. The Bird Report is compiled from records entered into the Society’s database, which in the last two years have been in the region of 200,000 each year. The Sussex list now stands at 390 species.


Field outings are very well attended, and the Annual Conference attracts a full house of 250 members each year. As well as carrying out annual Breeding Bird Surveys, SOS members have again been keenly involved in work for the new BTO Atlas and a new Sussex Avifauna is planned – virtually all Sussex tetrads are now surveyed or assigned, so during June this year a group of 8 members volunteered to cover some timed tetrad visits (TTVs)a little further from home ..on the Isle of Mull to be exact! 46 tetrads were surveyed in territory rather more challenging than the usual Sussex woods, fields, heaths and downland.

For further information about SOS please visit the website where you can find out about birdwatching sites in the county, and the very latest sightings. A Red-rumped Swallow was at Arlington Reservoir in May 2010, and for a few days in mid-June 2010 a stunning Red-footed Falcon was seen by many observers at Cuckmere Haven.

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